CHOSEN - Info to help with your purchase

Chosen - Info to help


1. Pre-authorise your card with your card provider for an international transaction in GBP (Brish pound currency) before you try to make any payment.


3. ONLY use the ENGLISH ALPHABET. There are no symbols in the English alphabet so ensure all letters in your name and address are plain English alphabet letters. e.g This is not English: Françoise, FrédériqueMosjøen

Your payment will probably fail if you use symbols in the name and/or address.

4. DO NOT make more than 2 errors on the Sagepay card payment page. If you  choose 'visa debit' then 'visa credit' then go back to 'visa credit' you have made 3 errors! In this case your card issuer will decline a payment to us and you WILL NOT successfully place the order. No payment: No order. Your card will be BLOCKED by your card issuer for 3 hours!!!!

If you make 2 errors we recommend you change your payment card to a different one and try again - or pay by Paypal.

5. Be quick on the payment pages! Be quick with your card detail entry. Be quick with your Paypal transaction!

5. Getting message: "Sorry, no quotes available for this order at this time."

Do the following:

1. Refresh the page 2. Add country. 3. Make sure your basket is not incredibly heavy: we cannot ship the whole website internationally in one order even if you want to buy everything. :-) Obviously this is just an example. Remove some items and repeat 1 and 2 above. It will work and you will  be given a postage quote if we ship to your country and it's in the drop down list, and if your basket is not too heavy for the courier to lift!


a) Where is Gabriele?


b) Where is Doll 2 Unseen?


Can I buy more than 1 of each doll?


Please don't buy to resell.

c) When will my order ship?

We will ship all orders within the week. 

First to leave will  be international economy as they take the longest to arrive. 

Next will be DHL international and DPD Europe.

Finally UK orders.

d) Why may my order not leave today?

We do not have the space or staff to send 500 (for example) dolls and other orders in a day. It takes time. Special large courier vans need to be ordered each day to collect the large parcels. We are working hard to ship your order quickly.