Baby & Toddler Dolls

Children learn kindness and how to take care of one another through looking after a baby doll, at the same time as enjoying dramatic play. A baby doll of the right size - about hand to elbow length - is ideal to pick up, carry around, hold and dress. Baby dolls can be lifelike and realistic, or dolly like with features like drink and wet. Some dolls are made for bathtime so they drain and dry quickly with no risk to internal parts.

Dolls that have hair for styling but are otherwise baby shaped are often referred to as toddler dolls. Toddler dolls have the wider body proportions of a baby doll but they wear clothing and shoes for daytime activities, unlike baby dolls who wear sleepsuits. Toddler dolls are often still cuddly with closing eyes, but are dolls that introduce the world of hairdressing and fashion, without having the emphasis on it. Baby dolls with hair - toddler dolls - are better for children from age 3 years.

Baby & Toddler Dolls
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