How does work?


  • Instalment plan setup is totally free.
  • There are no additional fees or charges.
  • You are required to place a Non-Refundable Deposit when placing order, 25% of total order. (Cancellation period first 14 days.)
  • Minimum order value is £145 including VAT to UK shipping address. In USD - approximately $95 - 115 to US or non - EU shipping address. When the amount is reached by the value of shopping in the bag, the payment option will show on the checkout page as a payment method.
  • Payment is by Debit or Credit card only.
  • If the Instalment plan is applied to your order, you can cancel your pre-order anytime with My Doll Best Friend. However, note that you will lose the non-refundable initial deposit. You will only receive any remaining deposit that you paid.
  • If there are two consecutive months that you are unable to complete the payment for any reason whatsoever, the Instalment plan will be cancelled and you will lose the non-refundable deposit. You will only receive the remaining balance that was paid.
  • Select the number of weeks over which you wish to pay at checkout. (Default is 12 weeks.)
  • Select how often you would like to make a payment. (Default is once a week.)
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If you are in the UK you will want to see prices in British Pounds, including VAT.

If you are in a European Union country, you will want to see prices in Euro, including VAT, because we pay your VAT and duty!

For everyone else, we will show you prices in US dollars, but you can change this at the top of the website.

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