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  • 18 inch doll clothing

  • 18 inch doll clothing

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who we are & what we do

"For the young and for the young at heart.  To make someone special to you happy, or as a treat to yourself.  To fire the imagination.  To play with, to share adventures with…to photograph, to craft clothes for…or just to appreciate dolls as beautiful works of art.  For the pleasure they bring, or for the life lessons they help teach.  For quiet time alone, to enjoy with friends young or old, or to share with the world through doll groups, doll forums and social media more broadly.  Because of the community who shares your passion for them, or without even knowing it existed.  If one doll is all you need, or if your collection just has to keep growing.  Whether ‘perfect’ to you means ‘as new’ or ‘loved to bits’.  Because you know exactly what makes a particular doll special, because you just know it has to be that one, or because you’d like some trusted advice in choosing.  For the exclusive Gotz, Kidz ‘n’ Cats, Boneka and other limited edition dolls, the free dolls clothes knitting and sewing patterns, or something more mainstream.  Whether you crave tradition or innovation.  Because you know you’ll find exactly what you want, or because you’re excited to see what catches your eye.  Or for reasons of your own.”

My name is Maxine, and I set up this company because I share the same passion for dolls that so many of the people who have become our customers do, because I collect dolls myself and know what pleasure they can bring to adult collectors, and because I know that as a gift for children they can bring both playful enjoyment and a really positive developmental benefit through unstructured creative play.  I couldn’t find anywhere that offered what I wanted, either in terms of the product range, the buying experience or the sense of community, so I set out to develop the very thing I’d been looking to find.  Our ongoing mission is to be the most rewarding place to buy and share experiences of dolls and accessories – whatever your reason for doing so.

My Doll Best Friend x