Zwergnase Art Doll 2021, Capucine Limited Edition 35 Dolls, 75cm


Brand: Zwergnase

Eye type: Grey/Glass

Size: 75cm/29.5"

Hair: Red-Blonde/ Wig

Capucine is an Art Doll with a delightful expression.

She is made in a Limited Edition of 35.

She is 75cm tall, with a red-blonde human hair wig and grey glass eyes.

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Certified safe for age Ages 14+ Years Best in play for 14 yrs +

Product Specification

Capucine is the focal point of collection, taller than play dolls at 75cm 29.5" in height. She has a thoughtful expression, with a gaze to carry us with her, much needed in these times. Her grey-blue eyes and sandy-red hair are vibrant, yet soft too. She's an uplifting doll to be around.

Her head, arms, legs and chest plate are vinyl with a faux suede body, which is firmly stuffed with polyester fibre.


  • Limited Edition 35
  • Size 75cm
  • human hair wig
  • Art Doll 14+
  • hand-painted face
  • fabric body
  • mouth-blown glass eyes from Lauscha
  • real leather shoes
  • Designer: Nicole Marschollek-Menzner
  • Made in Germany
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More Information
AlphabeticalZwergnase Art Doll 2021, Capucine Limited Edition 35 Dolls, 75cm
EU Certified AgeAges 14+ Years
Best for Ages14 yrs +
Height24 Inch + / 60cm +
Doll ArtistNicole Marschollek-Menzner
Doll EthnicityWhite/Caucasian
Hair Type & ColourWig, Red
EyesGlass, Fixed, Grey
Doll Body TypeVinyl (soft body)

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