Going on holiday you pack your clothes, your toiletries and if you're a child, you take your favourite toy to play with when you're there. In the suitcase goes the swimming costume, the shampoo and - oh dear - your favourite doll can't really go on holiday with you because she'd be ruined in the pool or sea!
Of course, that's where you plan to spend your time, jumping in, splashing around all day long.  What a pity!

Did you know there is a doll who LOVES holidays?

She doesn't just love holidays, the beach, the sea and pools, she also loves theme parks - particularly the rides where she gets all wet! Those rides are such fun, aren't they?

She's also very happy to have a friend like you, and you'll find she has the ability to lift your spirit with that sweet smile of hers!

Who is this remarkable doll that you can get wet and have fun with wherever you are?

She's an 18" doll called Alexis Christine O'Shay!



She comes with this great bag.
Have you got 22 seconds to watch Karen Mom of Three's niece having fun with Alexis on holiday?

What about the rest of the school holidays when you're not near the beach?

Alexis can be played with in the bath!

She's also a very happy doll. Just see how happy she is in the park having fun with Drift!


Look at that luxurious hair! It's long and thick, perfect for lots of styling.

Drift wants some attention.

He is out of luck!

Drift belongs to My Doll Best Friend and he plays with all of our dolls, but we have lots of pets looking for new homes.

First Edition Alexis comes with a limited edition, numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity and is available at My Doll Best Friend,  now in low stock numbers.