Gotz has a really great name as a play #doll brand and it's undoubtedly because of the quality of the products and the suitability of the #dolls and accessories to creative play and child development.
Seeing several photos of a doll can help with understanding what a doll offers in terms of play value. Photos can explain things so much quicker and clearer than words sometimes.
Today, I'm delighted to share with you some of Pamela's photos of one of her favourite dolls, Gotz Happy Kidz Clara 2013.
Her hair is really long, with long bouncy layers, and it's silky smooth with a very good shine to it. She has large brown eyes with plenty of white to the sides of the irises, which makes her eyes look realistic.

She is wearing a pretty and authentic Gotz doll ballet costume with faux leather ballet shoes for ballet practice, and she wants to show us some of her favourite ballet moves. Her strung joints are flexible and allow good movement in 9 places.

Her ball and socket joint at the shoulder renders it possible for her to raise her arm in the air at this angle, and the swivel joint at the elbow lets her turn the palm of her hand upwards. Note her beautifully sculpted fingers (and toes that you cannot see). She can gracefully follow through this position now with her eyes, which look in the direction of her movement. She can do this because her head can tilt and turn - a feature which makes a doll that can do this many times more expressive than a doll that cannot do this.

The ball and socket joint at the hips grant this wide leg movement, particularly necessary for the splits.

Abigail (Clara's new name, chosen by Pamela) is balancing on one leg with the knee behind slightly bent.

At first glance it looks very natural; she must be a real girl to be able to hold this position!

It's possible that the pose is slightly aided by the wall behind, clever isn't it?

Her arms are bent at the elbow, palms turned inwards, and head turned to the side with chin slightly up. She looks like she is concentrating on getting her position right. Her long body with slightly rounded stomach is just like that of a girl of age 8-11.

Can you see how the joints are giving so much character to this doll?

Her facial colouring is pretty and very natural with just a little blush on the cheeks and a natural lip colour. Her neutral facial features mean that she can play in different emotional states, such as joy, sadness, fear and love. This is useful in ballet and in many other stories a child might want to role play with their doll.

If many photos were taken of Gotz Happy Kidz Clara with small adjustments to her ballet position in each photo, I wonder if it might be feasible to create a moving ballet sequence by than making a fast running slide show or mini film. It would certainly be fabulous to watch a stop-motion animation film of Clara practising her ballet. If anyone thinks they would like to try, please let us see what you make!

Why are joints in dolls so important? They're beneficial in play because the doll can participate in so many physical activities more easily and naturally. If the doll seems more real, she is more real, and the person she belongs to is more bonded with her and will experience more pleasure from doll play.

Beautiful Abigail has completed her ballet practice and is enjoying some relaxation in the garden with her bunny rabbit.

Her painted feathered eyebrows are just a little on show whilst her fringe (bangs) frame her gentle face. Her fibre eyelashes look so real, too.

The bunny looks very comfortable in her hands. Pamela has made her beautiful clothing from patterns available at Les Cheries de Vaniline.

Thank you very much to Pamela for sharing these wonderful photos with us of Abigail.

I'm very grateful to everyone for sharing photos with us for us all to enjoy. You will find photos of many of the dolls available at My Doll Best Friend, photographed by people who simply love them, so visit the Gallery and look through the Albums if you can. There's a lot to discover about the dolls in the Albums.

If you have a weak spot for the doll in this feature I'm pleased to tell you that we do still have some hard to find Gotz Happy Kidz Clara 2013 dolls available at My Doll Best Friend. It's also possible to buy a Gotz ballet outfit like the one that she's wearing so that your doll can participate in ballet exercises.

There are currently eight Gotz Happy Kidz dolls and four Gotz Classic Kidz dolls with jointed bodies like Clara, in stock at My Doll Best Friend. You will find dolls with different hair and eye colour combinations, wearing a variety of attractive clothing in these collections.

They are suitable for children from age 3 to play with, though they're also suitable for older children as their bodies resemble a girl of age 8-11. Then there are those of us of every age beyond this for whom they're suitable - and that's because we love beautifully created dolls!