Dear Customers,

Welcome to the new My Doll Best Friend website. We hope you love it as much as we do, and spend many hours browsing, shopping and reading articles here in the coming months and years. This website is very similar to our previous website for those of you who are frequent visitors, so apply the same logic when things look to be different and you should quickly find your way around.

There are some fabulous new features. Here are just a few we could hardly wait to tell you about!

  • International customers in the Eurozone or United States can shop and purchase in Euro or USD thereby avoiding exchange rate fees. Free shipping is offered not only to the UK, but to France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and The Netherlands (Conditions apply).
  • The website displays prices without tax for customers outside the European Union so when you shop you see the price you will pay.
  • We have a wider range of payment methods so there is more choice for you.
  • There is layaway for UK customers by Klarna and, and for international customers by
  • Paypal Credit is also offered at checkout.
  • There is a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) centre located in Help at the top.
  • It will be updated as we learn what you want to know so it develops into a healthy resource for you.
  • You can ask questions on product pages when you are logged in to your account.
  • The Help desk gives you a support ticket for questions you raise which you will also see in your My Doll Best Friend account.
  • We have a Gotz – Quick Find section to make shopping for Gotz items extremely quick and easy when all you want is Gotz.
  • It’s easy to see what’s New, Exclusive, Preorder, Sale, Back In Stock with these labels on relevant products and a new Stock Status section.
  • We have social logins enabling you to sign in using Facebook or Google, or you can continue to sign in with email if you prefer.


Some parts of the website will continue to develop rapidly over the next weeks, not least the product catalog as we have so many new products and even new brands to add!

Please bear with us if you find things inconvenient until we have the FAQ and other resources answering all your queries and needs.

Enjoy the experience, and thank you for coming with us on this journey, making this doll community the friendly place it is, and of course continuing to shop with us into our ninth year!

My Doll Best Friend

P.S. If you are having any technical issues, clear your cookies! If you are resetting your password, give the website and your browser a couple of minutes to be ready to recognise your new password after you change it and before you enter the new one!

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