It's a Monday evening so not usually the time of the week that many of us feel particularly happy, wouldn't you agree? Well, I've been immersed all day in the world of WeGirls, the new doll brand that has just arrived, and I've taken so much pleasure from handling them, dressing them, brushing their hair, photographing them, playing the online games, watching WeGirls on You Tube in their native Poland, and much more, that it really feels like it's not Monday at all, but Saturday afternoon - the very best time of the week!

It's not really surprising that I love the doll brands at My Doll Best Friend, after all, there are lots of doll brands available to buy in stock, so to make it to one of the exclusive few that we retail means that they have to be very special indeed, and to have won my heart in some way.

Traveller and Veronika


Traveller, Sara, Artist, Nina and Olympian

When I purchase a doll brand the buying experience is very important, as well as the product. It was March when I was first approached by email by the WeGirls brand who I'd never heard of, not even from travels to the Toy Fairs. The approach was friendly and professional - a very good start and after a lot more correspondence, there's just a lot more of this! WeGirls already has two retail stores, one in Warsaw and one in Krakow and the brands range includes children's books.

The books are not yet available in English, but they will be, and so I'm telling you about them so that you know what you're investing in whilst you're spending the time reading about WeGirls!

And, here's what WeGirls says about its brand:

"WeGirls is more than beautiful dolls, meaningful books, cool fashion and attractive games.

Our dolls are BEST FRIENDS.

They have personality, they come to life in our books, they are the stories’ leading characters. They wear glasses, have freckles, and are just like real-life girls – casual and natural".

WeGirls even has a Corporate Responsibility page!

I took a look at the WeGirls website and the dolls looked sweet, characterful and very plausible and appropriate as children's dolls. I liked that the dolls were 18" tall as this is a market that is so popular in America and growing in Europe that there's no doubt that a doll of this size and build is very desirable. But isn't this just another American Girl copycat brand?

Actually, I think WeGirls has dared to be different.

If it were a copycat brand we'd see: wigged hair, fabric torso, made in China...

So, here are further reasons why I really like this brand:

WeGirls dolls have been manufactured in Europe, Germany precisely. We are familiar with the factory having loved stocking Schildkrot dolls for the past three years. So, WeGirls have been made in a factory that first opened in 1896 where the finest materials and craftsmanship have meant that it has survived and succeeded where so many European manufacturers have failed in the face of competition from cheaper labour and materials in China.

The WeGirls dolls have rooted hair - we like rooted hair in Europe!!! We like it because we too have roots in our heads where our hair grows, so it's really quite normal! Also, good quality rooted hair is is infinitely more durable for play than wigged hair. These are definitely made for play - just look at their engaging faces!

WeGirls have vinyl bodies - allelujah! They are cuddly because their vinyl is soft and tactile and that's how Schildkrot makes its vinyl play dolls, but with the added advantage that they can wear clothes that don't alert us to the fact that they're not real...shh! They do not have stuffing and a fabric abdomen so they look more realistic and they're undoubtedly easier to keep clean because they can be wiped, and arguably easier to dress because vinyl is smoother than fabric, allowing clothes to be slid on and off.

We also love their faces - really happy, uplifting friendly faces that smile and warm hearts. The message they send our children - ?

I'm confident
I'm friendly
I'm fun
I'm bright
I'm a child
I will be your friend


What new developments are coming from WeGirls?
I did ask if there were going to be a non-caucasian doll soon, and I was told that there were plans for this in the future. This is very important for a brand with a name like WeGirls in a multi-cultural and multi-racial country like the UK. Hope it won't be too long as I'd love to see more WeGirls dolls and really celebrate the brand name!

What else is there to know about the brand?
There are WeGirls Apps which is so exciting for children! Children can access the Fashion App and dress an online WeGirls doll with an assortment of clothes from her online wardrobe, with much mix and match potential. Here's Sara who I dressed earlier! Click the image and you will go to the game.

What I like best though is the Girls Of The World Club game where you can play memory games - I'm sure you'll do better than me!

Finally, WeGirls is a Polish brand that embraces its heritage - just look at all the You Tube videos of the dolls showing us around Polish cities.
The WeGirls dolls have names like Traveller, Olympian, Artist, Guardian, Idealist....Before I go to bed I'm going to make a wish that they'll bring out one called 'Translator' who will take me around Krakov and Warsaw on YouTube, so that I too, can learn about Poland!

WeGirls are undoubtedly playful dolls: just take a look at some of my favourite images.

Sara and Nina
Nina and Sara




Nina and Sara
Sara and Veronika


Angel on her scooter


Traveller and Guardian


Guardian - something nice to eat!

I know it's some time until Christmas, but I came across this WeGirls image and wanted to finish with it:


A WeGirl!!!!