Made in Spain these beautiful dolls have a very traditional artisanal quality to them
 - even the design of the clothes that the dolls wear
seem to recall
a bygone era probably the
1950's or 1960's.
This photo was taken at  a recent trade show in Madrid.


So what does it mean, "Vestida de Azul"?
It means 'Dressed in Blue', hence the logo, but read more below.
The packaging is gorgeous, not excessive just very pretty in its simple design. Most of the clothing comes packaged in a lightweight window display box so Vestida de Azul makes an excellent gift to give,  like a fabulous box of chocolates - just take a look.
Here's a Paulina doll:


She is behind a perspex lid and on top of this goes a white cardboard shoebox lid with blue logo. It's beautiful to receive a gift with this presentation.



A new delivery has just arrived with some very pretty new clothes for the Carlota and Paulina Vestida de Azul dolls. The boxed outfit below is
very reasonably priced at £11.99.



Here are Paulina and Carlota. Paulina is 33cm and Carlota is 28cm.
 Prices range from £27.99- £42.99 and there are some special offers at the moment.



So  you know Vestida de Azul means
'dressed in blue' but where does this come from?
It comes from a song that Spanish children, their mums and their grandmas all grew up with.
Such a classic song is part of the Spanish cultural heritage. The song is called, "Tengo una muñeca vestida de Azul/ I have a doll dressed in blue".
It's a counting song with a story about a doll,
just take a look and read the transcript below:


Here's the translation to English:

"I have a doll dressed in blue
With her little shirt and her lace shawl,
I took her for a stroll and she caught a cold,
I have her in bed in much pain.
This very morning, the doctor told me
To give her some syrup with a fork.
Two and two are four
Four and two are six
Six and two are eight
And eight are sixteen/
And eight are twenty four
And eight are thirty two,
I kneel blessed souls."

If you too love traditional European dolls you might like to look at the full  range of Vestida de Azul Paulina and Carlota dolls at My Doll Best Friend. They certainly make very beautiful gifts to play with and treasure. Perhaps they may even remind you of a doll you once loved.

Have you started to reminisce?