Vestida de Azul dolls are charming Spanish dolls with enviable wardrobes and shoe collections to boot! I was delighted to meet up with the Vestida de Azul brand again this year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair to see all the new dolls, clothes and shoes, which are always meticulously made to order at the doll factory in Onil, Alicante, southern Spain.

Vestida de Azul makes traditional doll dresses and on trend clothing too

The colours and textures of the fabric are particularly charming in 2017 and if you haven't bought a Paulina or a Carlota doll yet, this year should be the year! From large sunhats and cute sandals to plush velour dresses with lace. There's something for every season. Vestida de Azul have pulled off traditional look doll dresses and on trend outfits of cropped tops and colourful trousers, all in the same collection. There's a decadence to this brand that's hard to define: it's just Very Vestida.

Very vestida indeed because 'vestida' is the Spanish word for clothes. If this brand can be summed up it's the boutique chic of the clothes that give it its edge.

Vestida de Azul shoes are eye catching

Look at the shoes, the workmanship fits right in to the Elves and the Shoemaker story! When we think of Spain we probably think of Spanish markets boasting leather shoes and bags - to me this is Spain Vestida de Azul style. Come look at the accessories, they may only be faux leather, but look at the finish!

Now Pedro at Vestida de Azul has been especially kind because normally the clothes are not available to purchase separately in the first year that they are worn by the dolls. However, exclusively for My Doll Best Friend customers, we have the clothes the 2017 dolls wear available to purchase separately.

Introducing the Coral doll line from Vestida de Azul

We have a new doll collection to show you from Vestida de Azul, and she's called Coral. Coral is a 45cm vinyl doll with an articulated head, fixed sparkly eyes and rooted hair. Coral will be available as a blonde or brunette doll, wearing a stunning First Holy Communion dress.