Clear cookies and update your device!

Are you having problems logging in to your account?

We have learned that there are a handful of our best and most frequent customers experiencing difficulty logging in to their accounts in the last few days.

The vast majority of returning customers are logging in and ordering as normal. 

If you are one of those experiencing difficulty on the log in page, where perhaps your password is not being accepted - or that is how it seems - then the following advice might help you.

What should you do?

First close the window that you have opened with My Doll Best Friend in view.

Next, do the following:

1. Clear your cookies, also called 'cache'.

If you don't know how to clear the cookies on the device you are using, ask Google: "how to clear cookies on a pc/ Mac/ android/ iphone (etc) in Safari/ Chrome/ Microsoft Edge/ Firefox (etc)".

There is plenty of advice how to do this and it's quick and easy to do.

2. Once you have cleared your cookies open a window and go to the log in page.

This should work for you and you should now be able to log in. If you are still having problems you might need to update your browser.

How do I update my browser? 

What is a browser you might be wondering. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari....these are all browsers.

We have to keep our devices and our browsers up to date to protect ourselves and others online from software vulnerabilities which people out there unfortunately want to exploit for their own gain.

Are you using the latest version of Chrome/ Firefox/ Microsoft Edge/ Safari to shop on the internet? 

It is easy and quick to update your browser. To find out how to update your browser ask Google  "how to update Chrome/ Firefox/ Microsoft Edge/ Safari (etc) on a pc/ Mac/ android/ iphone (etc)"

Why is clearing the cache and updating the browser necessary?

Well, how safe do you want shopping at My Doll Best Friend to be?

We update our website with the latest vulnerability patches on an ongoing basis to keep it a very safe place to shop at all times.

This is why you may need to clear your cookies/cache and update your browser to be able to log in. We do not want to support old browser versions with vulnerabilities. Clearing cookies from time to time helps keep us all safe online. Remember to make sure that when you clear the cache you untick the box to clear the cache of passwords - as they are useful!

If you are curious to understand why this is important to us we can recommend this article Why we should convince our users to upate their browsers - it's a win-win. It has some important explanations - and some laugh out loud pictures!

We hope you find this helpful and we want you to stay safe online. If you need more help you can always contact Customer Service.