A beautiful black doll inspires our Black History Month tribute to the dancer, singer and civil rights activist, Josephine Baker. Starlette Luella by Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin is the inspiration for our new tribute. We’ve dressed her in fur and pearls to look like the young glamorous Josephine, the starlette of the stage in 1920’s America.


Later in life she devoted many years to fighting racism and rallying against racial discrimination and gender inequality in the 50’s and 60’s sadly passing away age 68 in 1975 at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

Her life is remembered for her glittering stage career, as much as for breaking down racial barriers. During the 1950s Josephine frequently returned to the United States from her adopted homeland of France to support the Civil Rights Movement. Attending demonstrations and boycotting segregated clubs and concert venues, Josephine Baker also rallied alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and many other notable speaker in March 1963. In honour of her efforts, the NAACP eventually named May 20th “Josephine Baker Day.”

After the war, Baker spent most of her time at Les Milandes with her family. In 1947, she married French orchestra leader Jo Bouillon, and in 1950 she started her own family. Adopting babies from all around the world, Josephine adopted 12 children in total. Described as a ‘rainbow tribe’ Josephine often invited people to her home to visit her children, demonstrating that people of different races could live together harmoniously.

W img_9978e pay tribute to the achievements of Josephine Baker. We have fashioned our Starlette Luella to be Josephine Baker. Any doll with an inspirational story can help teach children history and assist their moral development through play.

Starlette Luella is a beautiful black doll with soft black curled hair and deep brown eyes. Suitable for children 3 and above, Luella wears a beautiful floral dress with vibrant accessories. Her hair is loosely placed in a ponytail with soft, thick waves draping graciously over her face. Her body is vinyl and she has articulation at the shoulders, hips and neck. She has a lovely ability to stand and find poses, which makes her wonderful for play and enjoyment.

We all can’t wait to share with you the full range of beautiful accessories that fit Luella and her fellow Starlettes. Luella has a curly fringe and otherwise long hair, perfect for styling and dressing in a variety of different ways.

We hope you share our excitement for our tribute to Josephine Baker. Forever remembered for breaking down the racial barriers in our society, her courage will always be noted here at My Doll Best Friend. We hope her brave acts continue to remind you all to stand up for what is right and what you believe in. Welcome to the family Luella!