Meet Angelika: the Unseen doll


Limited to 250 dolls worldwide, Angelika is the fifth Chosen doll by My Doll Best Friend, and made by Gotz Puppenmanufaktur. Angelika is the first doll to be sold - AND  SOLD OUT - completely without anyone having seen a photograph of her. She follows hot on the heels of Gabriele, also launched on 13th March 2019. While Gabriele could be admired for her beautiful face that she shares with the "Steiff" dolls of 2003-2006 Nadja, Katharina, Gisele and Nore,  the Unseen doll could only be imagined!



Only the brave chose the silhouette doll! No one knew if the Unseen doll would  share the same face as Gabriele; that longed for exquisite, strong, beautiful face. With non-standard blonde Gotz platinum 'angel' hair, Angelika is a unique beauty!

Both dolls are SOLD OUT

Angelika and Gabriele

Gabriele and Angelika