Every Saturday at the Village Hall events take place and the girls always look forward to going along as they run some really fun activities.  Last year for example there were four weeks of Queen's Jubilee related activities and it was so much fun!  There was a historical day where the children dressed up as Kings and Queens in British history and a random play was put together on the same day for the parents to watch where everybody had a part, playing the person they came dressed up as.  It was hilarious to watch! 

Throughout the year the Village Hall hosts themed activities related to things happening in the community, and in-between those weeks there are workshops for people to learn how to knit, make jewellery, sew, learn French, make gifts and so on.  This week the activity is card-making.

The girls are very excited as they love to spend hours creating things with paper scissors and glue.

This is the workshop room at the Village Hall before everyone arrives...nice and orderly!

Here it is after everyone has left; ready for a tidy up!

First to arrive are Anna and Clara who get something to drink while they wait for others to arrive.  

'Yum, chocolate milkshake!' says Anna.  

They're going to a party afterwards so they want to make birthday cards today.  Anna has her present with her to give the girl whose birthday it is.

Anna sees a new girl reading the recycling poster on the wall.

The new girl comes over to take a milkshake.

Julie and McKenna arrive straight from gymnastics, meanwhile Clara goes off to chat to another friend sat at a table in the far corner. 

Seeing the new girl on her own Anna makes conversation.

'This milkshake tastes better every week, I think.  I look forward to it nearly as much as to taking part in the activities at the Village Hall!'.
'This is my first time here' said the new girl, with a distinctive accent.
'Oh, where are you from?' Anna asked.
'I'm from Sonneberg in Germany' said the beautiful red head. I have just started school here'.

Julie came over to say hi to Anna.  Anna said 'Hi Julie how are you? Julie, this is (to the red head), sorry I don't know your name? I'm Anna Harvey and this is Julie Albright by the way'.

'I'm Marlies (Mar-Lees), Marlies Heidi Oberhardt is my full name'

'That's an unusual, pretty name, where's that from?'
'Thank you. It's a traditional German name from Maria- Elisabeth, and it also so happens that Marie and Elisabeth, were my two grandmothers; Heidi is from my mum's friend and, Oberhardt, well that comes from my paternal side, of course!' she chuckles.

Clara re-appears to collect some craft paper from the drawers as she has found herself a spot to sit with some of her other friends and they've started crafting already.

The girls sit down at the craft tables, continuing to chat.  They make some wonderful cards to take home.

Little Marlies is ever so chatty, she fits right in even though she didn't know anyone before.

(Thank you very much to everyone on Facebook who helped come up with her name- I loved Marguerite, Maggie, Elise, Anneliese, Liesl, Mathilde, Renesme, Britta, Keira, Lucy, Heidi, Sorrel, Sienna, Starla, Nadja, Lila and of course Elizabeth.  Big thank you!)

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