Meet four very special teddy bear kittens, made for our Gotz Happy Kidz Chosen dolls, Rosie and Kitty.

We'd like to introduce you to Rosalyn and Oreo with hand painted blue glass eyes, and Sasha and Rocco with stunning hand painted green eyes.



Our teddy bear kittens are just 5'' (12cm) tall and are all handmade OOAK artist kittens. They are made of special fabric for miniature bears. Sasha has then been artistically shaded with oil paints to achieve that beautiful tabby coat.

The teddy bear kittens are fully cotter pin jointed and can move their paws and turn their heads - with a little help of course!

They have hand painted green or blue glass eyes and an embroidered cotton nose. Their eyes have been hand painted to an original patina, on top of glass, so you will see many colours in their eyes.

Inside their bodies is densely packed polyfill and tiny glass beads, so that they don't become misshapen over time. Also glass beads have a lovely weight so the teddy bear kittens feel more like real little creatures in your hand.

Their whiskers are made from horse mane and look and feel absolutely real.

Rosalyn is dressed for going to the theatre with Rosie, and wears a blue dress with lace collar and a sapphire blue necklace. She's the 'lady' teddy bear kitten out of the group.


Oreo and Rocco could be Macavity and Mr Mistoffelees because of their colouring and their clever minds - but they're not devious, just a bit naughty!

We know how much you love Happy Kidz Rosie and Kitty, our Gotz Chosen dolls, exclusive to My Doll Best Friend and limited to 250 of each worldwide. These teddy bear kittens, perfect for Rosie and Kitty are limited to one of each of Rosalyn, Sasha, Oreo and Rocco and we think they're incredibly special too.