A new delivery of Sylvia Natterer dolls arrived this week and they've been so popular we've had to re-order more straight away!  Brigitte Finouche will be arriving back in stock this week.

It's therefore a great time to show you photos of the Sylvia Natterer dolls I took at the Spring Doll Festival in Germany, held 23rd-24th April 2016. Photos are not great quality as I was limited to my mobile phone in rather a dark spot of the hall.

I was delighted to see the full range of dolls were there, including Bibichou and some 'show specials'. All the dolls are special, of course but there were some one of a kinds, painted by Sylvia herself. It was great to see Sylvia again, who was primarily at the show to assist the German distributor of Petitcollin dolls.

This first doll you see is one of these rare and beautiful hand painted dolls, made as a prototype for the Starlette dolls, new for 2016.


She's an unnamed Starlette prototype for the doll Milena, whose smile is reminiscent of the Mona Lisa.

Here's Milena and the handpainted doll next to each other:

Positioned next to her is the doll we know as Jeanne, but this one off is wearing a gorgeous denim dress.


The Little Prince made an appearance, looking for a new home. I'm not aware that he will ever exist in another form than this prototype.

It is interesting to see The Little Prince because he's a boy doll with the girl doll face used for the Minouche girl dolls Alba, Olga and Jeanne.
Luc has a different face mould.

Here are Minouche Jeanne and Luc, with Finouche Smilla from 2015 stood behind them:


Close up of beautiful Brigitte and her doll:

We also see Brigitte as a violinist, wearing a concert outfit for an evening performance. Her expression is serious as she concentrates on her performance, carried away in the music as she plays to her appreciative audience. This Brigitte was a show special.


'Fashionable Melanie' is more concerned with shopping and keeping cool while she does. Cannes is her favourite place to shop, and it's so close to the beach, that with a few select purchases made, she likes nothing better than heading to the nearby beach for a swim. This doll is another show special, not for production.


If you wish for any of these dolls to come and live with you, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen, but be quick as Sylvia will find them new homes in no time, I'm sure!

Here's Finouche Melanie who is available to purchase this year:

There were a couple of other special show dolls, a footballer Luc and a gorgeous baby doll.


Sylvia's husband Klaus had been signed up for the role of booth builder! Behind every good woman is a man. Sylvia is particularly partial to Alba and the baby dolls, but Klaus prefers Jeanne.This is one of Sylvia's favourite dolls:

Klaus is here helping Sylvia with building the set!

The star of the booth is Starlette Tatiana, new for this year. Here she is again in my photo:

A few more photos of the dolls...

Minouche Natalie from 2015 and Finouche Lucie:

Bibichou, and Minouche Joelle:

Starlette Coppelia:

Starlette Luella:

Sylvia has worked very hard indeed in the last 2 years, to bring us these dolls. It hasn't been easy as the dolls are produced in Spain, and while Sylvia is an accomplished linguist, Spanish is not one of her languages. Sylvia speaks English and and although it's her third language, after French and German, she speaks it excellently. However, Sylvia does not speak Spanish and yet it is necessary to communicate very thoroughly with Spanish regularly about the doll production. At the factory in Spain virtually no one speaks English and it left to Sylvia and just one person at the factory who understands a few words of French and speaks less, to communicate ideas and progress throughout the entire production of the collections.

Communication is often by Skype at night time. Sylvia checks the progress and makes suggestions. I get the impression that there is a lot of gesturing of 'bring the piece closer to the camera' please! It is really testament to this great understanding between the two of them that the dolls and their clothing look so spectacular yet again this year.

I spotted new packaging for the Finouche dolls:

Finally I asked Sylvia if I may have a photo, and she picked up this baby, and made my day!

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