Once again Petitcollin's Sylvia Natterer dolls captivated audiences at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  Sylvia Natterer has further increased her range of dolls to the delight of her worldwide fan base. This year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair Sylvia Natterer launched Minette. We now have Finouche, Starlette, Minouche, Bibichou and the latest and smallest: Minette.

Who’s Minette?

Well she’s a gorgeous little 27cm baby doll for the Finouche dolls, to mother, or have as a sister. Whilst Minette is perfectly scaled to join Finouche, Starlette, and Minouche as a baby sister she’s also worthy of note as a beautiful doll in her own right, suitable for young children whose hands are small and whose love is tender.

Sylvia Natterer Minette doll Louisa Sylvia Natterer Minette doll Fanny
















Minette comes as both ‘Fanny’ and ‘Louisa’. Fanny has moulded and painted hair and is very definitely a baby, who needs regular naps. Minette Louisa has an abundance of curly rooted hair and she looks like she’s in the midst of the terrible twos! This really completes the family of dolls that Sylvia Natterer has wanted to create since her departure from Hape at the end of 2014, and her new

Sylvia Natterer Minette dollbeginnings at Petitcollin. When I have met Sylvia Natterer on various occasions she has told me about the dolls she wanted to make at Petitcollin, and excitingly, here we are now seeing these beautiful dolls that were her vision.

It’s interesting witnessing this brand develop, grow up even, at each and every toy fair. Sylvia really feels she’s creating the best work of her life right now. After more than 30 years creating dolls there is absolutely no diminishing in her passion. At Petitcollin Sylvia has the creative and artistic freedom she has wanted for so long. It’s a difficult position being an artist in the employ of a commercial doll brand, but I can hear from what Sylvia Natterer says, that everything is bien at Petitcollin. There is a lot of work to do, and long hours, but the result is fabulous!

Sylvia Natterer Minouche Dolls

The Minette collection might have stolen the limelight of the ‘new’ spot within the Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer collection in 2017, but she’s not the only new face. Take a look closely at Minouche. There are now with 3 face moulds! Young Eline has crept into the collection to make her debut rather sweetly this year, wearing an adorable layered outfit finished with a luxurious fur coat and hat. She's reminiscent of the Kathe Kruse Minouche dolls we think.

We’re looking forward to meeting her and all the other new dolls in May this year.

Sylvia Natterer Minouche Eline doll

Who else is coming to us that we must tell you about?

It’s time to learn all the new names! There is Minouche Maelle who is going to be very popular all year and especially at Christmas because she has such beautiful clothes with her and her own trunk. The trunk of course can store the doll and her clothes when closed, which makes Maelle an especially lovely keepsake.

Minouche Sylvia Natterer Minouche Maelle dollMila is new, and on trend with her cat themed bag whilst Antonin replaces Luc. Sylvia Natterer Minouche Antonin

Sylvia Natterer Minouche Mila doll

Sylvia Natterer Starlette Dolls

New Starlettes are beautiful in the extreme. There's Starlette Sarah with her dreamy grey-green eyes and brown hair, full of body. Her clothing is the epitome of French 'chic-yet-practical' day wear for little girls.


Starlette Melissa has grey-green eyes and brown hair like Sarah, but she has a brown skin tone and lighter weight Summer clothes to suit.

Sylvia Natterer Starlette MELISSA doll

Starlette Julia is like Coppelia but with a new outfit. (Picture not shown).

Sylvia Natterer Finouche Dolls

The new Finouche dolls are Alix with red hair,  Sylvia Natterer Finouche AlixHannah the blonde below and Noemie who has brown hair and blue eyes at the bottom. We simply can't wait for May when they all arrive!

As for Bibichou dolls which have only been mentioned in passing here, we've got a separate Sylvia Natterer feature coming up soon on Bibichou baby dolls.

If you would like to see more photos of the Sylvia Natterer dolls, then you will find the official 2017 Petitcollin catalogue in the Galleries, more photos from Nuremberg in our extensive Nuremberg Toy Fair Photo Albums and finally a short film that we're sure you'll enjoy on our You Tube channel.

To pre-order a doll, enter details here. (This pre-order form remains open until May 2017).


Sylvia Natterer Finouche dolls Hannah and Noemie