What can you expect to find very soon at My Doll Best Friend? Lots of fabulous new doll arrivals from our favourite quality brands of course! However, more specifically for this feature, an exhilarating event (anticipated to be in June), will be the day the exquisite, very unique new play dolls, from renowned Swiss artist Sylvia Natterer are delivered. For not only are the dolls of the highest calibre, they come from a doll brand which is new to My Doll Best Friend!
Let's rewind a little, and take you back to January as it was then that I first heard from Sylvia Natterer directly, telling me of her new and exciting venture with French toy manufacturer, Petitcollin. She'd selected My Doll Best Friend as an excellent fit for her genre of doll and wanted to know if I might like to hear more. On learning that I was very interested in her dolls, Sylvia immediately emailed me her PDF brochure containing the 2015 doll collection - and when it pinged into my inbox I downloaded it greedily, full of hope, anticipation and excitement: There she was, on the front cover, the doll I'd been waiting to see again for more than 10 years - Sylvia Natterer's Finouche!!!


48cm Finouche - Alice 
I have always loved Finouche, first called Fanouche and made by Gotz in 1989, whose beautiful, gentle face has a very special charm, and for years I've wanted and wished hard to see the return of, always wondering why the jewel in the crown was no longer available. After working with Gotz, Sylvia collaborated with Zwergnase, in the years between 2001-2004. However when this working relationship came to an end so did the Finouche dolls. Kathe Kruse chose to produce Sylvia's smaller Minouche dolls and some baby dolls, but not Finouche, and so the wait began.
48cm Finouche - Smilla
The Minouche dolls with their sweet, mischievous faces, are very endearing but it is particularly the regal, graceful, swan-like Finouche with her tilting head and the gentle bend to her arms, long straight legs and beautiful face that are the most compelling dolls to me.


34cm Minouche Natalie and Joelle


34cm Minouche Samira and 48cm Finouche Alice


34cm Minouche Jeanne and Luc

During my exchange with Sylvia she invited me to visit her at the Nuremberg Toy Fair at the end of January to see her new collection and talk about her inspiration and career. I'll write about that experience in my next Sylvia Natterer feature, but for now, take a look at the images that Sylvia sent me - and feel the excitement as I did!

48cm Finouche - Zoe

These captivating vinyl play dolls are entirely manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. They are fully posable, have painted eyes, rooted hair and their clothes will be available to be purchased separately.

Receiving the Sylvia Natterer collection (expected) in June is going to be a huge highlight of 2015 and I hope that you'll now be looking forward to it with me.

The dolls may be pre-ordered from our order already placed with Petitcollin now, at My Doll Best Friend and they will ship to you when they arrive here.

Minouche retails for pre-order at £69.99 and Finouche at £79.99. Take advantage of generous loyalty points with your purchases at My Doll Best Friend!