We're delighted to introduce Susan Brewer to our readers. Some of you may already know Susan from Doll Showcase magazine, or as the author of your favourite doll books. Susan's first book was Tiny Tears and First Love in 2005. Susan is a writer, doll enthusiast and something of an authority in the doll world. She has kindly offered to tell us a bit about her latest two books Delightful Dolls Volume 1, Cornish Shallowpool Dolls, and a little about the quarterly magazine publication Doll Showcase, of which there have been more than 50 issues to date.

DSCN6930.jpg smI can’t remember a time when I didn’t own a doll. Even as a baby I had a cloth Baby Bunting doll, which was very fashionable at the time, and I suppose I must have had a dozen or so composition and hard plastic dolls (not including the miniatures in my dolls house), before it was time to ‘give them up as I was a big girl now’. Luckily, I managed to secrete a few favourites in the back of the drawer before the rest were binned, as was the custom in the 1960s. I switched to collecting costume dolls – that was allowed as it didn’t seem babyish – until the 1980s when the birth of a daughter gave me an excuse to buy dolls again! I have been writing since the 1980s; before that I worked in libraries, so books have always been in my blood. I began with short stories for women’s magazines and articles on various collectables, especially dolls. My first venture into the world of books was ‘Tiny Tears and First Love’ in 2005, an in-depth guide to two baby dolls which were then very popular in the UK. Since then, I’ve written many more, the two latest doll books being Delightful Dolls Volume 1 and Cornish Shallowpool Dolls.

Delightful Dolls Volume 1

Delightful Dolls Volume 1 is a quick look at 80 or so favourite child and baby dolls that have been enjoyed by British children (and collectors) since the early 1950s. It is illustrated with plenty of colour photos and should help with identifying dolls in your collection, or those found at car boot sales and flea markets.

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