"Here it is, this is the window of the pop up shop I was telling you about Anna".
"Ooh, look Hannah bats are flying! They've got pumpkin treat bags, let's go in I'd love one of those!".
"Excuse me, my friend likes these pumpkin treat bags, how much are they please?" 
"They're 50p, these are the last few we have now as we're getting so close to Halloween" the shop assistant answered.
"I love your hair and your witch's costume".
"Thank you, we sell the hair and there are a few of these costumes left hung up over there she said pointing to the rail of amazing Halloween costumes". Hannah could see a witch's hat that she rather liked on a stand just behind the costumes.
"The Halloween hair is over here, we've got pink and black and green and black. We've also got neon hairbands if you want to style your hair". "How do I fit the hair?" asked Hannah
"It is attached to a hairslide, so it just clips in. Some customers buy lots to put in their hair on Halloween night".
"I love it, I think I'll go for the green hair please". Just then Anna called over, "what've you seen Hannah?". "This wicked green hair Anna!".
"Have you seen all these spooky treat goodies?"
"There's a whole menu here of fab treats, or rather 'deadly desserts'! Would you like some ice scream?! Cauldron cakes sound quite nice! Warm Cauldron cake with ice scream", Anna laughed.
"I like this bat bunting, do you sell this too?" Anna asked the shop assistant. 
"No, I'm afraid that's just shop decoration".
What shall I buy Anna thought.
She turned on her heel and saw the rail of costumes. "Would it be ok to try a witch's outfit on?" Anna asked the assistant.
Yes of course, the fitting room is this way the assistant pointed towards a 'broom cupboard' which Anna thought was quite funny, though it wasn't intended as it was the one part of the shop that wasn't decorated for Halloween.
"What do you think of this Hannah? I love the colours together".
"Does it come with the hat, the treat bag and the stripy leggings?" Hannah asked the assistant.
"Yes, all four pieces and it's on special offer at the moment at £15.99".
"I'm going to try it on" said Anna.
She came out of the fitting room a few minutes later.
"Wow, Anna it's great on you!"
"I love it, this is what I'm going to wear on Halloween".

"Look at me in this hat, Anna. I spied it when I was looking at the hair. What do you think?".
"It's really great! Take the pumpkin treat bag, I don't need it now as I've a treat bag in this set".

"That outfit looks great on you the assistant said as she approached".
"Can I take anything to the till while you carry on looking?".
"I better go and get changed" said Anna, "I'd like to take this costume".
"I think we're done" said Hannah. "I'll go and pay while you go and get changed". "What are you going to do for a trick?" asked the assistant.
"Oh, I don't know! We'll be in answering the door actually so it's up to others to trick if we say 'trick', isn't it?".
"Yes it is, but how about offering a bowl of sweets and putting lots of spiders and eyeballs in it? Or filling a bowl with Geli Baff goo and putting lots of hard boiled sweets in wrappers in it so they have to put their hands in that!!!?".
Anna arrived and she and Hannah laughed, "it's a great idea, please put some pink Geli Baff in our basket!".

The girls left the shop very excited about what they'd bought and made plans to get together early on Thursday to decorate the garden and door for the trick or treaters.