Group 3 Doll Shoes

Footwear is grouped to make it quicker to find shoes that might fit dolls of similar foot size. Due to variations in foot shape and shoe and boot fastenings, not all the shoes and boots will fit all dolls.

  • Kidz 'n' Cats 46cm
  • Llorens Martina group 40cm
  • Vestida de Azul Coral 45cm
  • Kathe Kruse Child of Fortune 40cm
  • Schildkrot Drink & Wet Lina & Finn 40cm
  • Gotz Precious Day 46cm
  • American Girl 46cm
  • Gotz Maxy baby dolls 42-46cm
  • Schildkrot baby/ toddlers dolls 45cm

Advice: check individual product listing page as some styles may not fit all dolls.

Group 3
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