A bit about the relationship between Rosemarie Muller and Schildkrot Puppen, and the Wichtel dolls made by both

Rosemarie Muller is the doll artist who has created the exceptionally charming Wichtel dolls whose impish expressions fill us with happiness and whose little bodies fill corners of our homes with humour and beauty. Their charming faces are infectious and many of us catch the Wichtel bug soon after the first doll arrives. Rosemarie has a relationship with the German doll manufacturer Schildkrot Puppen and she has afforded them the privilege of producing dolls for their Schildkrot Puppen collection from a limited number of her Wichtel doll moulds. There's good dialogue between Rosemarie and Schildkrot so that each can complement the other with their Wichtel doll offering, rather than compete.  Rosemarie paints her dolls and hand makes their clothes. She works with around 26 face moulds and three body sizes, one of which is offered with multiple joints.  Mostly Rosemarie's dolls are made in numbers of just one, so a second doll in similar clothing will have a variation somewhere. Schildkrot dolls are made in house in their factory in Bavaria, from four face moulds and one body mould and their clothes are designed by Schildkrot's in house clothing designer and made by a team of experts in the Schildkrot workshop.  Each year a collection of around seven Wichtel dolls is offered for general sale through retailers and it's possible for us to re-order throughout the year to our replenish stock. Their production quantities relate to supply and demand, and factors such as availability of materials, including wigs, glass eyes and fabrics.

Now we understand some of the similarities and differences between Rosemarie Muller's Wichtel dolls and Schildkrot's Wichtel dolls, what is a customised Wichtel doll?

Customised Wichtel dolls modifications are requested before the dolls are made. A doll is commissioned with a particular hair colour, style, eye colour, eye direction, face mould...the list of variations can be quite long as the components to make a doll are numerous. Rosemarie doesn't take commissions directly from the general public but if she has the parts she may make a doll to a specification for a retailer. Schildkrot also doesn't commission dolls for the general public, but in exceptional cases will do for retailers. This is where the close working relationship between Rosemarie and Schildkrot based on trust, integrity and experience is strong. It's not a guarantee that we'll have our request accepted, so we ask for the variations that we most want, and then wait and see.  Schildkrot contacts Rosemarie to request Wichtel dolls to be commissioned for My Doll Best Friend customers throughout the world while we wait for the answer.

Wichtel dolls customised by Schildkrot and exclusive to My Doll Best Friend

It gives us the greatest pleasure to offer a limited number of especially commissioned Wichtel dolls made exclusively for My Doll Best Friend, by Schildkrot.

Many have been snapped up even before we could write about them. In fact they've picked up 5 star independent reviews, such is their appeal.

Here are the three we can offer at the time of writing:


CUSTOMISED Schildkrot Wichtel Doll Rosi Face Style #2

customised Schildkrot Wichtel dolls


CUSTOMISED Schildkrot Wichtel Doll Frieda Face Style #4

Wichtel Dolls customised by Schildkrot for My Doll Best Friend

CUSTOMISED Schildkrot Wichtel Doll Mona Face Style #5

We love the beautiful soft grey cotton pinafore dress with stars and edged with lace co-ordinating with the pink cardigan and leather shoes. The quality is beautiful and there's care and attention to detail. The Wichtel dolls have glass eyes and wigs made from mohair. These Wichtel dolls are 30cm tall, full vinyl and have articulated heads as well as arms and legs. They're utterly charming as you can see - a fact which is attested to by happy shoppers who have left reviews.

What are the Wichtel dolls can you buy at My Doll Best Friend?

My Doll Best Friend offers dolls from the artist Rosemarie Muller as well as dolls by Schildkrot.

We have in stock a wide range of dolls and this is replenished in the case of Schildkrot dolls throughout the year.

The sizes of Wichtel dolls are 26cm, 30cm, 32cm and 35cm; only 30cm dolls are made by Schildkrot.

As far as Rosemarie's dolls are concerned we order her one off dolls every quarter, made to our specification. As you will know from what we've written above, it's rare for Schildkrot customised Wichtel dolls to be granted so the three above are very special and limited.

My Doll Best Friend may be able to make requests for Rosemarie Muller dolls on behalf of customers, so contact us if that's how you wish to proceed.

For customers wishing to peruse all our in stock Wichtel Dolls from both the artist and the Schildkrot brand, take a look here. We ship internationally so shop in confidence!