Schildkrot Wichtel Doll Brunette Lotta Muller 30cm

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Brand: Wichtel For Schildkroet-Puppen
Eye type: Hazel Glass/Fixed
Size: 30cm/12"
Hair: Brown/ Wig
Articulation: 5 points

Lotta Muller is a new face for Schildkrot. Her beautiful, soulful expression was previously only used by Rosemarie Muller, the doll's artist for her own collectors' dolls, often made as one of a kind.

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Certified safe for age Ages 3+ Years

Product Specification

Lotta is made by German brand Schildkrot in Rauenstein. Lotta's entire face and body mould is sculpted by German doll artist Rosemarie Muller and Schildkrot has the licence to manufacture to order dolls from a selection of Muller-Wichtel moulds. The dolls are named "Wichtel" dolls which translates to "elves" - 'balm for the soul' is how they are often referred.

The vinyl is high quality and completely hard phthalate free vinyl. There are 5 fully articulated joints. Girl and boy dolls have different abdomens, like little girls and little boys! The Wichtel hair is a hand knotted human hair wig and their eyes are hand-blown glass eyes fmade in Germany. Lotta has brwon hair and a light fringe (bangs) with lively hazel eyes. Her eyes glance to the side in a cautious way.

Heless clothing will fit Wichtel dolls.
Maru & Friends and Carpatina shoes will fit Wichtel dolls.

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More Information
AlphabeticalSchildkrot Wichtel Doll Brunette Lotta Muller 30cm
EU Certified AgeAges 3+ Years
CharacterWichtel 30-32cm Doll
Doll ArtistRosemarie Muller
Anatomically CorrectYes
Doll EthnicityWhite/Caucasian
Hair Type & ColourWig, Brown
EyesGlass, Fixed, Hazel
Doll Body TypeVinyl

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