Schildkrot toddler dolls are mesmerising and I can only imagine the joy of  being a child and having one of these dolls in my arms. We've just bought two varieties, both 37cm in length which is perfect for young children. The first is Strampelchen and the second is Schlummerle. Their distinct difference is a different face, the first having painted eyes and the latter having closing or sleep eyes.

Strampelchen dolls like Schlummerle dolls have cuddly velvety bodies filled with fibre together with some pellets in her bottom to add some weight so she feels realistic and it also helps her sit. Her head and limbs are soft to the touch. Her limbs are floppy so she is easy to dress and move, and you can see her head turns a little.

Schildkrot Strampelchen Toddler Dolls

Strampelchen toddler dolls have hand-painted brown eyes and round faces like that of a 3 year old child. Their eyes are soulful and dreamy and transport you off to a world of fantasy and play. I think it's impossible not to feel nurturing towards these dolls. Schildkrot hair is plentiful and good quality, so should be able to stand the rigours of every day life with brushing and styling. There are dolls with red hair, blonde hair and brown hair. The Strampelchen dolls are like the Schlenkerle baby doll, but with rooted hair rather than moulded hair; that's the essential difference. The Strampelchen toddler dolls are a grown up baby doll because they have hair.

Take a look at our wonderful Schildkrot Strampelchen toddler dolls:

The Schlummerle is one of the most enduringly popular and beautiful dolls from Schildkrot and there is one with pan African complexion which is very popular. Schlummerle dolls have large closing eyes and rooted hair.

Their faces are very cute with pink cheeks.