The Schildkrot Dolls booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair is the place of magicality, but what gives it this air? Is it the soulful smiles and winsome expressions of Schildkrot Dolls? Is it the decadent colours and textures of their costumes? Maybe the 'real' quality of the glass blown eyes and human hair? Walking into the Schildkrot Dolls booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair is like walking into an enchanted Aladdin's cave of doll treasure. The care and attention they give to their doll displays really helps to reproduce the charm of these dolls in photos.

As you can see, the grace and beauty of these artist dolls is mesmerising. Most noteworthy, in previous years there were exhibits by Hildegard Gunzel and Masterpiece Dolls but this year Schildkrot Dolls stands alone representing this genre of classic artist dolls at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. At Schildkrot Dolls, the artist shines through and nothing compromises this. The whole Schildkrot exhibition finds its strength in the artist and as a result it has a strong theme, defined from the rest.

Consequently, we found it impossible to limit ourselves to our usual spread of Rosemarie Muller Wichtel dolls. In the end after much pondering, we bought more Sieglinde Frieske dolls and for the first time Sybille Sauer and Gudrun Legler dolls. Much as we've increased our spread of artists, expect the range to increase by the end of 2017. Any of the beautiful dolls featured in the film above will be available to order on an individual basis, in with a lead time of approximately 3-4 weeks.

Schildkrot Artist Dolls

Sieglinde Frieske Artist Dolls

Sophie 35cm and Lisa 28cm by Sieglinde Frieske were popular at My Doll Best Friend in 2016 so we've added Jenny 65cm and Alina 64cm this year. At Schildkrot Dolls, the dolls are given the artist's surname as part of their name, so the dolls are actually known as Lisa Frieske, Sophie Frieske, Jenny Frieske and Alina Frieske. It's a quick way to identify the artist of any of the Schildkrot Dolls. These dolls can be made to order, either seated or standing. Sieglinde Frieske dolls can't be searched for on the website using the artist's name, or click here.

Below are Jenny Frieske dolls (with smaller Sophie Frieske and Lisa Friske dolls, in some photos):