Redeeming Gift Cards

There are a couple of ways to redeem a gift card and here's a quick guide to how to do this.

If you have purchased or received a My Doll Best Friend gift voucher you will have received an email like this one below.  

Note underneath the value on the gift card is a gift card code.

gift voucher


The first way: by redeeming your gift card at checkout.

If you are ready to buy something you can redeem your gift card at the checkout. 

On the checkout page in Section 3 tick the Use Gift Card box and Enter your gift card code. 

gift voucher


Click on Apply Gift Card button. The Order Total will be updated. Now proceed to complete your purchase.

If you do not wish to use the gift voucher now you can add the gift card to your My Doll Best Friend Gift Card credit balance. This is the second way to redeem your gift card.


The second way: by adding your gift card to your My Doll Best Friend account credit balance.


In the above example you can see that there is already £10 in Gift Card credit to use at the checkout. This is how to add create a Gift Card credit balance to spend at checkout.

Create or log in to your My Doll Best Friend account.

Navigate to Gift Card in My Account. click on ADD/REDEEM A GIFT CARD.


Enter the gift card code and click REDEEM GIFT CARD for the value of the Gift Card to be redeemed to your Gift Card credit balance. If you, ADD TO MY LIST you can decide later to redeem the value to your Gift Card credit balance.

Next time when you order a product, you can use your credit balance without having to enter the gift code.

Gift Card list shows some information of Gift Cards such as: code, balance, status, added date and action. You can view, print, redeem and remove your Gift Cards.

Gift code is mostly hidden to ensure the security. You can view a full gift code by clicking on each one

Clicking on View link on Action column, you can view Gift Card detailed information.

Gift cards have an expiry date one year from purchase.