Jessica's hooked on You Tube and watches anything to do with hair, hair-styling, fashion, shoes, you name it- she likes to look her age, but a cool version, definitely not dressed by mum!  She's fun, upbeat and likes to try new things. Her Pinterest boards are: Cute! Funny! Books Worth Reading, My Dream Bedroom, Dolls, Quotes I Love, Favourite Places & Spaces and Cool Hairstyles.
Anyway, she came across this fab tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles and wanted to try it out, so she asked her friend Anna, who's a Saturday junior at the local hairdressing salon, if she'd have a go. Rising easily to a challenge, Anna said she'd definitely try it out for her and the arrangement was made for Jessica to visit the Cute Cutz salon on Saturday.
blog rihanna braid 1.jpg
"Hi Anna!"
"Hi Jessica, take a seat here, I'll be right with you"
Jessica sat down, her legs straight out in front of her as they were a little too short to bend.
blog rihanna braid 2.jpg
Anna pulled the footrest out for her, "Ah, that's better thanks!" chirped Jessica, as she rested back into the seat, pleased her friend had noticed.

blog rihanna braid 3.jpg

"Your hair's in great condition, Jess. It's lovely and thick and shiny".

blog rihanna braid 4.jpg

"Thanks, Anna.  Yours is looking great, too, by the way!"
blog rihanna braid 5.jpg
Jessica enjoyed having her hair styled and could see the style taking shape as the first plait was laced in and then the second, round the front of her face.
blog rihanna braid 6.jpg
The early Autumn sunlight was bright, but that was good, no complaints at all.
Anna fixed the elastic band in the bottom of the now joined plaits for Jessica to see.  It looked very pretty indeed.
Jessica was delighted, and it was good to have it off her face too.
blog rihanna braid 7.jpg


blog rihanna braid 8.jpg


blog rihanna braid 9.jpg
 Anna made one final adjustment.

blog rihanna braid 10.jpg

Jessica paid and the girls said their goodbyes, making arrangements to catch up soon.
blog rihanna braid 11.jpg



blog rihanna braid 12.jpg

Jessica left the salon to go and meet up with her friends in the ice cream shop.  She was very pleased with the way the hairstyle had turned out and it hadn't taken long at all for Anna to style it.

Anna, being a perfectionist thought she'd rushed it a bit and wasn't so sure it was her best work!
blog rihanna braid 13.jpg

blog rihanna braid 14 (1200 x 800)