Paola Reina has become one of our reliable staple brands that delivers bright and beautiful dolly dolls at great prices year on year. We now buy five ranges from Paola Reina, increasing our range again this year, with the addition of the Blandita dolls, which means 'soft body'.  Our collections include Las Blanditas, Las Amigas, Soy Tu, Las Reinas and Santoro Gorjuss. Don't be put off by the Spanish names they translate very literally and give a real indication of what you're buying.

For example Las Amigas means friends, and if you look at the wide range of dolls in this collection you can see that it's the best description for the group. There are so many to choose from how could they not be called friends? Classmates, school friends, fellow gymnasts etc At 32cm and starting from £24.99 you can buy a few for the price of a Gotz dolls, so friends they are!

Paola Reina Las Amigas Dolls

Here are the friends for 2017 - incidentally all the Las Amigas dolls are all in stock!

Paola Reina Soy Tu Dolls

Soy Tu is the range of Paola Reina dolls that is 42cm tall and is given the name that translates to 'I am you', for these are the dolls made in your likeness. Many doll brands look to the American Girl doll brand and take something from it, whilst keeping their own authenticity and one of the common themes between doll brands is that they like to offer a brand that has hair, eye and skin colour like most of us, hence I am you.  Whilst there could be a wider range, there's an offering of a doll like each of us in this collection.

Here are the Paola Reina Soy Tu 2017 dolls, as seen at the toy fair: