With a 'buyer's hat' on, the highlight of the year is undoubtedly the Toy Fairs. The London Toy Fair held more than a couple of surprises for the British toy sector yesterday. Of course, of primary interest were the dolls. The first surprise and the feature of this post was Our Generation, a well established and popular American doll and accessories brand sold through independent retailers in the USA, as well as at the large out of town chain store, Target. 

At the London Toy Fair at Kensington Olympia, Our Generation were represented by their distributor, whose products I usually walk past. This time these pretty doll faces caught my eye. Same dolls, same packaging and same accessories that the Our Generation brand has in the USA. 

Our Generation with their pretty, commercial dolls, clothes and accessories will now be available in Europe making doll play an even more exciting and accessible prospect for play for children in the UK. The possibility is that we will be stocking the dolls in the very near future and expect them to be priced affordably at about £35- £60, though the price will vary from doll to doll. There is a basic doll who is non-poseable all the way through to a deluxe doll with a couple of differences, but more about that later.

Here's a small selection of what the brand has to offer, there will be much more:

There are many dolls all in fashionable clothing that children age 3+ will just love! Our Generation introduces new clothing twice a year at least so it will be important to grab what you like while you can as it won't be possible to re-order it when the stock runs out. This makes it more challenging for the larger retailers to stock Our Generation as they can't simply re-order a bestseller which they love to do. However, it is could work well for a more specialist online shop like My Doll Best Friend where the shop website is updated regularly as we do love to add new ranges. 

There are 2 collections of clothes and accessories- basic and deluxe. The deluxe set has clothes made from slightly more expensive fabrics, the expected price ranges for clothing sets is £15-£20.

Our Generation has horses, cars, beds, wardrobes, salon chairs, bath tubs, laundry sets, kitchens and much more within its range in America, and very excitingly this will all be coming to Europe. The horses are already here to be stocked.
The dolls are so pretty.



Just as they have basic and deluxe clothes ranges Our Generation has basic and deluxe dolls which are both poseable dolls and these are in addition to its non-poseable range of dolls mentioned earlier. The deluxe dolls come with extra accessories and a good book. The doll below, Lily Anna is an equestrian and this is the theme for the chapter book 'Adventures At Shelby Stables' which accompanies her. She also has an extra outfit and some horsey accessories, such as a trophy. 

If you would like to read part of the book that Lily Anna comes with, click the photo of the book below.
The doll in the box on the left, below is the basic doll and on the right the doll is the deluxe, with the book.
Their dolls have soft bodies and vinyl limbs and is a standard 18" dolls size, very similar to the American Girl dolls size which is a bit wider than European dolls like Gotz. Their heads do not tilt, they move from side to side. Their eyes close and their hair is rooted.
In the USA Our Generation has started to offer matching doll and girl clothing and the anticipation is that this will be available in Europe too in the future. 
Comments on this post are very welcome. We'd love to hear what you think about Our Generation being available in the UK and possibly from My Doll Best Friend.