There are baby dolls that lie, sit, cry, say "mama, papa! but Olivia Stand Up! is the first baby doll that looks like a real bald baby that has just found her feet and is about to discover the world. We find her incredibly funny!

Olivia Stand Up! is a 30cm tall vinyl baby doll that is made like our regular child dolls from Vestida de Azul, firm enough to stand up, wear shoes and join in with the big children - the kind of big that pre-schoolers are to a baby! You might remember your own child walking whilst barely having any hair, I do - and it's a hilarious sight and a funny memory!

Now Olivia is just like that little 10 month old baby that looks impossible on two feet! We would expect her age to be somewhere between 10 months when babies first start walking to 18 months by which time even the most follically challenged children have grown a little hair!

Olivia Stand Up Motion Gallery:

She has been made from soft squidgy vinyl that compresses when given a squeeze. She's anatomically correct and has soft baby creases in her vinyl. Her head is over large head like a child of this age and she has a mouth that's slightly open. Olivia has a dummy that can be popped in her mouth if you like. Any noises she makes will be improvised as she has no functions. So you won't see an unsightly battery compartment. Take a look at the photos below of Olivia posing unabashedly in her birthday suit.

Her facial features are superbly sculpted and she has articulated arms and legs and a head that turns side to side. Her hair is moulded and lightly painted. She has fixed acrylic blue eyes and eyelashes along the upper eyelid. Vestida de Azul, the brand that makes Olivia Stand Up! manufactures its dolls and accessories in Spain according to strict safety standards. She's therefore perfectly appropriate for children of age 3+.

Olivia Stand Up! Full Front & Back