Gotz Classic Kidz 2014

As a huge Gotz fan like many other adult collectors I have an unappeasable appetite for new Gotz dolls and I look forward to the next year's collection from as soon as the current year's collection is revealed. Therefore the 2014 doll collection has long been anticipated with excitement and here are the first images ahead of the stock arriving and the promotional photographs being available, direct from Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is the big Gotz showcase and people travel from all of Europe to see the collections and meet the Gotz family. Incredibly Gotz is still very much a family owned business now in its seventh decade primarily producing play dolls for children. They have produced dolls in Germany, USA and China and the quality is so high they set the standard for play dolls worldwide. It's very hard to better the quality of a Gotz doll,  and I would go as far as saying it's impossible for the price.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is like a second Christmas for the family: it is a family institution, having now exhibited there for something like 55 years they tell me and it's an occasion for them all to get together from the different countries where they are based. The celebratory part of the occasion is that it's Marianne Gotz's birthday when the Nuremberg Toy Fair is held every year. Gifts are brought for their mother by loyal customers and she bakes! Two thousand biscuits are baked by her in her kitchen for the Gotz customers. I took away a delicious bag of homemade biscuits in a Gotz deli bag made to a very special and secret recipe! 

Gotz have a huge area for their stand in the doll hall. The first photo looks right from the middle which is where the entrance is and the second photo looks left from the middle. In the centre facing the entrance to the Gotz exhibition is the large counter, only a part of it can be seen in the photo. There is also a seating area where the infamous tasty biscuits are offered on plates.

Gotz at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014


Gotz at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014

Gotz have always had artists make their play dolls, well before the rest of the brands did this. Sasha Morgenthaler was the first artist Gotz had design their play dolls. It was a successful working relationship for a long time with complementary goals: Sasha wanted to be able to make play dolls more accessible, more affordable and Gotz had the capability to manufacture to a very high standard. 

Today the Classic Collction of 50cm collectible jointed vinyl play dolls is attributed to both Gotz and doll artist Hildegard Gunzel. Actually she sculpts most of their play dolls but Gotz like to promote the Classic Collection as the Hildegard Gunzel collection; for this collection of four dolls Hildegard designs the clothing too. In the collection are Vroni, Lena, Luisa and Laura.

Classic Collection: Lena, Luisa and Laura
Hannah Dolls In Ballet Costumes & (Lower Tier) Classic Collection
Classic Collection: Vroni, Lena, Luisa and Laura
Lena and Luisa
Luisa and Laura

Gotz Happy Kidz collection of five dolls consists of Emily, Clara, Katie, Anna and Sophie. Like the Classic Kidz these dolls are also suitable for play and desired by collectors alike. The dolls have the same body type and face moulds as the Classic Collection but their clothes are designed by Gotz rather than Gunzel.

Happy Kidz Dolls: Emily, Clara and Katie

 The Happy Kidz clothing is fun, pretty, casual and up to date. It's going to be absolutely universally loved we think!

Happy Kidz Emily 2014


Happy Kidz Emily 2014


Happy Kidz Clara 2014


Happy Kidz Clara 2014


Happy Kidz Katie 2014


Happy Kidz Katie 2014
Emily, Clara and Katie


Clara and Katie


Emily and Clara
Happy Kidz 2014 Emily, Clara and Katie
Gotz Happy Kidz Anna 2014

In the photo above you can see Happy Kidz Anna 2014 who comes wearing this attractive horse riding attire. Happy Kidz Sophie is the brunette in the photo on the left wearing ballet clothing and she is continued from 2013. The horse Anna is riding is new for 2014 and brilliantly has hair that can be combed for both mane and tail. It is larger than the horses made before by Gotz at 52cm and is perfectly scaled for the Happy Kidz dolls. The horse comes with a hair combing brush.

Hannah is an all time popular 50cm articulated vinyl play doll with accessories and many dolls continue from year to year. However this year there are two new Hannah activity dolls. Hannah Happy Birthday who comes with party cakes and plates and dressed for her birthday.

Hannah Happy Birthday

In the background of the above photo you can just see Hannah at the Design Studio who was new in 2013 and very popular- she continues in 2014. She comes with a sewing kit, fabric, patterns and a dvd for hair styling.

The other new Hannah for 2014 is Hannah Hair Stylist. She comes with hair styling accessories, battery operated hair dryer, hairbrush, large and small rollers, a gown and other hair accessories. She very much looks like a hairdresser for the set of a film in her out of the salon, ready to go anywhere clothing.

Hannah Hair Stylist


Hannah Hair Stylist

There is another doll who's not new but had to be photographed because of her beautiful new clothes this year. Hannah & Her Dog 2014 is below.

Hannah & Her Dog 2014


Hannah & Her Dog 2014

The Precious Day dolls are 46cm soft bodied standing play dolls with vinyl limbs and closing eyes. They are loved by children who like to cuddle them. These dolls are very similar to American Girl dolls in many ways and are the standard 18" classic doll. Here are Elisabeth, Jessica and Julia in 2014.

Precious Day Elisabeth


Precious Day Jessica and Julia

This year Jessica is also available in pretty underwear and slippers, ready for dressing in clothes of your choice. It is a very good idea for a basic doll to be offered. Jessica dressed above is very trendy and pretty but Jessica in underwear can be anything you want her to be: a ballerina, a horse-rider, a skater, a tennis player, a skier- the possibilities are many and varied.

Precious Day Jessica in Underwear 2014

There are some fabulous ouftits from Gotz in 2014 too, here are a few:

Gotz Tennis Outfit & Tennis Accessories


Gotz Ski Wear & Accessories


Gotz Rainy Day Set


Gotz Pink Dress Set


Gotz Roller Skating Accessories


Gotz Floral Rain Boots & Raincoat

With all these new dolls, clothing and accessories only some of which could be photographed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair we predict a super year for the brand and can't wait for it all to arrive at My Doll Best Friend. Most of it is expected in the next few weeks with a few items to follow later in the year.

Would love to hear your comments about the 2014 collection and what you'd like to see next time!