To leave the exhibition at the end of the first day of the New York Toy Fair I walked along an aisle that was mostly made up of black barriers forming the sides of several very large booths.  Into the wall of one of the booths was a magnificent 6' tall 18" dolls house! For me, it was the find of the day!

The next day I started by visiting the booth and finding out what I could about the dolls house.  It is made by KidKraft and I was told was just part of the booth to promote their 18" dolls furniture...and wouldn't be for sale at all.  'Oh, pity!' I said to which the reply was, 'Have you seen the 18" dolls house that will be for sale?'  Ooh goody no!

Before I tell you about that, take a look at the detail that has gone into creating this dolls house because you won't see it for sale, and may not see it again.  

The top floor is very boudoir chic!  It has a staircase down the left side (looking at it) and a lift down the right.

The drawing room has a fireplace and mirror over which lends lots of elegance to the room. It is above the kitchen and bathroom which is a typical townhouse arrangement.

On the ground floor there's the free-standing bath in the bathroom and in the kitchen you can see a trompe de l'oeil on the wall giving the impression that the kitchen extends beyond into a back room with a window.

Wonderfully this 18" dolls house can be bought and will soon be available!  It will probably retail in the USA for $299 plus shipping, I was told by KidKraft.  The house includes all the furniture you see in the photos.  It will need to be assembled and this could take about 2 hours.  The great news is that KidKraft products are tested for the American and European markets and while there are no 18" KidKraft dolls houses in Europe at the moment, there could be in the future!

Those of  you who are facebook fans will have seen some of these images posted onto the My Doll Best Friend Facebook page during the Toy Fair.  One comment suggested that there should be a doll in the house so that you could see the scale which is a very reasonable suggestion.  As luck would have it, I wasn't travelling alone!  Clara jumped in to help! She took a quick tour of the house, had a little moment on the balcony taking in the view and then settled down on the sofa to rest her feet and watch a little television!