Gotz Puppenmanufaktur has a presence in the USA via distributors and in 2013 the new distributor is German toy company HABA.  I went to visit HABA's large booth at the New York Toy Fair to see the Gotz dolls that will be available to the American market via the distributor this year.  The HABA range concentrates on Gotz's baby dolls like, the Muffins, Cookies and the Aquinis.  Gotz makes an equal mix of baby dolls and larger play dolls, like the  Gotz Hannah, Happy Kidz and Precious Day dolls and all of these are available in Europe.  However, of the taller 18" dolls HABA will only be distributing the Precious Day dolls, Julia, Jessica and Elisabeth in the USA and not Happy Kidz or Hannah dolls.
The reason for this is the price issue; the American 18" play doll market is dominated by Mattel's American Girl product which is at the top of the price range of 18" play dolls.  Gotz's Hannah and Happy Kidz dolls would need to retail at more than the American Girl doll which for any company would be a challenging contest to enter into.  Therefore the Precious Day dolls are the perfect 18" doll to distribute as they fit in beneath the American Girl doll price range at $90 but offer the same play value as American Girl dolls which start at $110 this year.  Gotz dolls have amazing hair that can be washed and heat styled which makes them perfect for children as the hair is very durable.  The Precious Day dolls are also machine washable and they have stylish clothes of their own but can fit in the American Girl doll clothing too. Their bodies are a bit slimmer than AG dolls but as a general rule, clothes can be shared.  It's worth mentioning that the original American Girl dolls were made by Gotz for The Pleasant Company's American Girl doll.  Today, the Precious Day dolls still share the same limbs exactly as the American Girl dolls.
Something I was very surprised to see was that the Precious Day at the Toy Fair had a different face mould to that used in Europe, but the clothing was exactly the same!  The face mould used in Europe for Precious Day is exclusive to Pottery Barn Kids dolls made by Gotz.  It's known as the Starshine mould as historically it was created for this company, now no longer in existence.  The Precious Day face mould for the dolls HABA are distributing is the Stolle mould, which was created by Gotz for Costco discount stores.
This is Gotz Jessica.
From the left, Jessica, Elisabeth and Julia.
If you're interested in seeing or buying the European 2013 Gotz Precious Day dolls you'll find them on the My Doll Best Friend website, retailing at £54.99 currently.  Gotz (46cm-50cm) like Hannah and Happy Kidz dolls are available for worldwide shipping by My Doll Best Friend and prices for shipping to USA and Canada have been incorporated into the checkout process.  For all other international orders please contact for shipping quotes. For your information, Hannah dolls come complete with an extra outfit in the box and Happy Kidz dolls have been made with 9 joints for lots of articulation!  Further articles about Gotz Hannah and Happy Kidz dolls can be found on this blog (see 'Categories') and there's more information at My Doll Best Friend .