-Nadja, you are doing a nice job of modelling the new 2014 Gotz pink clothes collection.
Gotz Steiff doll Nadja 2003
-Thanks! Well I am a Gotz Steiff doll from 2003 but I'm pretty similar in all respects to Gotz Hannah dolls, my arms, legs and abdomen are exactly the same, so the clothes fit me perfectly. I could do with some help though as there are a few outfits here for me to try on. Do you know who might be free to try some of these clothes on for our readers?


-Have you thought of asking one of your friends, Katharina, Giselle or maybe Nore?
-Katharina is still nowhere to be seen unfortunately. I could ask Giselle but she has been rather busy lately with rehearsals for her school play, she's the lead role you know: Cinderella. I will ask Nore to help me. This outfit would suit her with her lovely blonde hair and brown eyes.


-Hey Nore, will you help me try on some new Gotz doll clothes that have just arrived?
-Are these the ones, Nadja? They're lovely.


There's just one problem though, although I am a Gotz Steiff doll from 2004 (so they will fit as I've the same body as you and Hannah) but, I am actually too new! See behind us? This is not just a backdrop, this is my box. What I'm wearing, this dress and denim jacket - they stitched together so I can't take them off without cutting the cotton thread. Look at my hair - can you see the hairnet still attached to my head?


It's a problem, now I'm so collectible I fear I'll never get out of this dress and have my hairnet detached!


 This is my hair grip. My hair has never been brushed; in fact, this is the first time my hair has been out of this net.

I can't help you Nadja I'm afraid. Would you be able to ask another doll?


-I could ask another Gotz doll with your colouring who would look very pretty in the outfit, maybe Happy Kidz Emily from 2012? She would be a great doll to ask as her body type is a little different to ours: she has joints. It would be interesting to see her in the new Gotz 2014 collection.


-Hello girls! I heard my name?


-Hello Emily, would you be able to try on this gorgeous pink floral outfit that Nore's holding, please?


- Sure! Did you not want to try it on Nore?


-I did Emily but I'm too new so I can't- still got the threads attached to my clothes and it would mean cutting them....and I'm very collectible. You probably will be one day Emily. Gotz dolls have a tendency to go that way and you are ever so beautiful.
-Thank you Nore, you will make me blush. My cotton stitches have been cut though so I'm free to try on any clothes I'd like. I'm also still available in the shops; they call me Luisa this year. Don't mind if I change behind your box do you?




-Looks really nice on you! How do the shoes feel, are they comfortable? 


-They are comfortable yes and so sparkly! I love this bolero too- I could wear it with lots of other things


Look Nadja, my bag matches your skirt exactly!


I love the white cotton knickers that come with my dress, bolero, bag and shoes.
-I have those on too- Gotz have done so well this year with their clothes. My set includes t-shirt, skirt, knickers and shoes- so there's nothing else I could want to wear for Spring.


(Whispers) Except, maybe I wouldn't mind borrowing your bag though!!