Rather a rushed little post because sometimes excitement just takes over!!!


Yesterday a new brand arrived, new to My Doll Best Friend, new to the UK - not new to Europe, because it is made in Europe, in the South of Spain. I had anticipated this to be a good brand of course but sometimes something nice happens and the brand exceeds expectations. Sometimes something special happens and the bond with a doll and a brand starts at first glimpse of the doll's face from behind the protective clear plastic. That happened!

It was happening earlier than that though. My first impressions: I was pleased by the white cartons the boxes arrived in with the blue logo on the sides - they looked sweet, clean and unfussy. Inside the carton, rows of doll display boxes in blue and white made from thick laminated cardboard increased the expectation. I pulled out a a shoebox style box with a lid which once lifted revealed the clear perspex window with the full length of the doll visible.

She radiated beauty and something else. It's just a feeling you get isn't it, dolly lovers?  Here's my best shot: Quality, style, attention to detail, uniqueness, sweetness, freshness, tradition, simplicity, natural charisma, beauty, friendliness, playfulness, liveliness, fun...

I reached in to the box to feel the hair - so soft! Rooted, with beautiful natural colour and texture and very closely resembling human hair. My daughter and I had exactly the same reaction to these dolls. Next box, next doll...more squeals from us and lots of excited chatter. Same for the accessories. Shoppers associate Spain with stylish and beautiful shoes, bags and belts  - you can associate this brand with amazing accessories for dolls!


  • Made in Spain
  • 33cm tall
  • stand alone
  • full vinyl body
  • inset eyes
  • fibre eyelashes
  • rooted hair straight or textured hair
  • natural face paint
  • flange joints (arms and legs that move in circles)
  • head turns side to side
  • lots of clothes and accessories to fit
  • many outfits are gift boxed
We have ordered four dolls, lots of clothes in boxes, shoes, bags and belts and if you like them we'll buy more! Here's a glimpse of what has arrived.



Look at the clothes and accessories too!