Something I'm very grateful for...



In April I wrote an article on the blog called Rare Gotz Dolls & Valuable Friendships. Diana, Char from Doll Diaries and myself had spent quite a bit of time in March and April tracking down Gotz dolls that we each had on our wishlist and it was something lovely that we emailed each other about and shared.  On my particular wishlist, and at the very top were the Gotz Steiff Dolls Nadja, Nore, Giselle, Leatrice and Katharina. Diana sent me a link to an auction for Katharina as she knew I'd be interested.  These dolls are now very rare and sought after although they were made only 10 years ago.  I was interested but for my first one I really wanted Nadja so I held out.



A few days later a soon to be new friend was searching the internet thinking of selling her very own, still boxed Gotz Steiff Nadja and she came across my blogpost.  At the time Nadja was at an auction house being valued but Jessica had had Nadja for 10 years and really felt she wanted to place her with someone who really wanted her and she knew would look after her.  She received her as a gift from a former boyfriend's mother who knew Jessica liked and collected dolls.  Jessica phoned me up whilst I was at the Mums Show Live! and there wouldn't have been much to have taken my attention away from the exhibition but this phonecall did without a doubt.  I remember saying 'thank you so much for phoning me- and please don't sell her! Can we speak on Monday?'
On Monday Jessica told me that she would like to sell her to me rather than send her to auction and that we could meet so that she would be transferred safely.  I was thrilled.
She sent me these photos:






A few days later we met up and I got my first glimpse of Nadja- in fact my first glimpse ever of the Gotz Steiff dolls. Here's Jessica with Nadja still in her box. This is her first photo for the album! (Yes, it's like having a baby!).
I reacted like a new mum saying daft things like 'ooh, she's very asymmetrical; look at her skin, it's like porcelain' (ten fingers, ten toes!) while a thousand loving thoughts were going round in my head!

Her first photo out of the box (for the first time ever):

Her first photo when we were all alone....

There's very little information about the Gotz Steiff dolls on the internet and I had previously thought that these dolls were available in 2006 but Jessica was able to date her more accurately to 2003.  She has a signature on the back of her neck but I can't read it so will have to update when I find out what it says. Her limbs are exactly the same as the beautiful Gotz Hannah dolls and her face bears a striking resemblance to Hannah too. Gotz has a habit of changing a feature about the dolls every few years, such as the eye-hair colour combination so that they quite quickly become difficult to find, even with the Hannah dolls, formerly called Sarah's World. For example Hannah With Her Dog has red hair and brown eyes in 2013, but in 2010 she had red hair and blue eyes and this version is now quite difficult to find.  I will be buying the dolls I really want for my collection when they are released from now on!
Now, I do have Nadja, but I have friends who would like a doll like this so if you have one to re-home please do contact me as I can help.  If you have any of the other Gotz Steiff dolls, Nore, Leatrice, Giselle or Katharina I would be very grateful if you would email or phone me as I would dearly love them in my collection one day!
Thank you Jessica x