The gentle faces of the Heidi Plusczok dolls are beauty to behold.
I hope these little dolls bring you lots of pleasure as you look through the photos.
First here's Ninette, limited to 35 and a 2016 edition doll.





This is Zoe, also one of 35 limited edition dolls for 2016.







Peggy is a special edition created for a recent doll show in Germany, the Puppen Fruhling.






Another special doll fair doll is Heidi. She's not part of a collection, simply one of a kind.






Look carefully at the bodies of the Heidi Plusczok dolls as there are two types, one with 5 joints and one with 9 joints.



We're lucky enough to have received another delivery of Heidi Plusczok dolls, so you're just seeing a few of the treats we have in the store here. See the full range in stock at My Doll Best Friend.

With clothes and shoes to fit them we have everything you need to enjoy your new dolls!