The end of May heralds the much anticipated arrival of the latest two Mini Maru dolls from Maru and Friends: Mini Savannah and Mini Chad. They join Mini Maru and Mini Tanya dolls already released.

Maru and Friends had a unique idea inspired by a personal story about a real Latina child migrating to USA  and adapting to life there.  They brought their idea to life using their own vision, a master doll artist, high-quality materials, and impressive attention to detail. Now they've replicated this vision in the increasingly popular "mini doll" category to create a set of four 33cm tall doll friends.

The latest to join the series are Mini Savannah and Mini Chad. Chad is the only doll without a 52cm version, so we could just call him Chad.

The arrival of Mini Savannah and Chad at My Doll Best Friend is expected at the end of week commencing 22nd May. Therefore these photos are with thanks to Maru & Friends.

Chad from Maru & Friends

Chad reminds me of the Sasha dolls who also have the ability to do headstands, take a look at this photo from Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter blog:

Sasha dolls standing on their heads like Mini Chad from maru and friends

Dolls usually have doll length limbs which is an out of proportion measurement to human length limbs, but still not many dolls can do headstands. Sasha and Mini Maru dolls have particularly short arms. Gotz dolls have arms much more in proportion to human scale which makes their arms look long in the dolly world, ever notice this?

I think that the Mini Maru dolls can take up this position more easily too because their vinyl is rubbery and flexible. We'll come back to this below in the Mini Maru section.


Mini Savannah from Maru & Friends