The end of May heralds the much anticipated arrival of the latest two Mini Maru dolls from Maru and Friends: Mini Savannah and Mini Chad. They join Mini Maru and Mini Tanya dolls already released.

Maru and Friends had a unique idea inspired by a personal story about a real Latina child migrating to USA  and adapting to life there.  They brought their idea to life using their own vision, a master doll artist, high-quality materials, and impressive attention to detail. Now they've replicated this vision in the increasingly popular "mini doll" category to create a set of four 33cm tall doll friends.

The latest to join the series are Mini Savannah and Mini Chad. Chad is the only doll without a 52cm version, so we could just call him Chad.

The arrival of Mini Savannah and Chad at My Doll Best Friend is expected at the end of week commencing 22nd May. Therefore these photos are with thanks to Maru & Friends.

Chad from Maru & Friends

Chad reminds me of the Sasha dolls who also have the ability to do headstands, take a look at this photo from Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter blog:

Sasha dolls standing on their heads like Mini Chad from maru and friends

Dolls usually have doll length limbs which is an out of proportion measurement to human length limbs, but still not many dolls can do headstands. Sasha and Mini Maru dolls have particularly short arms. Gotz dolls have arms much more in proportion to human scale which makes their arms look long in the dolly world, ever notice this?

I think that the Mini Maru dolls can take up this position more easily too because their vinyl is rubbery and flexible. We'll come back to this below in the Mini Maru section.


Mini Savannah from Maru & Friends

Mini Savannah arrives at the same time as Chad, week ending 22nd May 2017. Like the original taller version Mini Savannah has flaming red hair and stunning ice blue eyes. Have the mini dolls been sculpted by Dianna Effner like the original dolls? I don't know but at the risk of putting the cat among the pigeons, I wonder if the minis have been made from digitally reduced versions of the original moulds sculpted by Dianna Effner? They are just so perfectly similar!

Mini Maru & Mini Tanya from Maru & Friends

We have Mini Maru and Mini Tanya already in stock and they have been rapturously received by collectors of 33cm dolls all over the world. Many have gone to join "big sisters" but others live in a collection of similar sized dolls. They are not exclusively for adults as they have European and American child safety certification, but due to their exquisite sculpts they are highly desired by collectors.

As mentioned previously, unlike the full size versions who have hard vinyl the mini dolls have a rubbery texture to their vinyl. In reborn dolls you might call this "lifelike" and it's sought after, however in smaller play dolls it might take some getting used to as it's an unusual feel simply because we're all so used to hard vinyl. This photo is from The Toy Box Philosopher's informative and objective toy blog and it shows Mini Maru interlacing her fingers, possible because the vinyl is so flexible:



The Toy Box Philosopher points out that it's more difficult to get the dolls to stand due to the bendy vinyl, without the aid of sturdy boots and an absolutely flat terrain or surface and I'd agree.

If you like to display your dolls it might be better to put them on a doll stand for stability. However as they're vinyl they're pretty resistant when they have the odd tumble so it's not for that reason but more so that it doesn't upset your display.

It might be better to dress the dolls in looser clothes as the vinyl doesn't allow tight fitting clothes to glide on. Boneka clothing for Little Darling dolls fits well on Mini Maru dolls, in addition to own brand clothing. Mini Maru can share clothing with Petitcollin Finouche.

Mini Maru Dolls As Sisters

Mini Maru and Mini Tanya particularly lend themselves to the role of younger sister because the clothing they wear matches almost identically with full size clothing either available for the taller doll or worn by the taller doll. The red dress is called "Dazzling Holidays" and can be purchased separately so Mini Maru's big sister can match with her. The "Snowflakes" coat is available as a separate purchase for both the mini doll and full size doll. Mini Tanya and Tanya both wear the teal knitted outfit on arrival.