Gotz Happy Kidz Rosie exclusive to My Doll Best Friend. Your blue eyed brown haired Gotz doll.For years you have been telling us that you wanted a blue-eyed brunette Gotz doll to add to your collections. In your thousands you have been commenting on global blog posts, social media posts and forums, demanding we create this beautiful creature. You will be pleased to hear that we have been listening, and the stunning Rosie is our response to your many requests.

This gorgeous girl has been hand-crafted to perfection by well-known artist Hildegard Gunzel, who has given her a most captivating expression, long, rooted hair and mobile joints. While all Gotz dolls are created in a limited numbers, Rosie has had an especially small factory run, with only 250 in circulation instead of the usual thousands. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this doll, hold tight, as she is a rare and delicate beauty that will be sure to bring you joy for years to come.

Gotz have a long and rich history when it comes to making dolls, and so they are the perfect partner for this project. Their name is synonymous with quality and design, as they have proven again and again by making faultless dolls for us on many occasions, all with their own unique personality, style and charm.  Founded almost 70 years ago, Gotz made a huge impression when they created the Sasha doll back in the 60s, which was immediately popular and adored by young girls all over the world. They regularly win awards for their creations, including the much coveted Doll of the Year (DOTY) Award.

Their Happy Kidz range is the most up-to-date collection, and currently features ten adorable dolls, with Rosie their most recent and exclusive creation. Made especially for My Doll Best Friend, she is sure to be featured on many a young girl’s Christmas list, and on a few adult wish-lists too! This rare doll is set to be a real treasure, made with children over three-years old in mind, but intended to last a lifetime or more. She is the first doll to be sold under the brand name ‘Chosen’, but we anticipate many more cuties will be joining her soon.

For me, the pleasure of owning a Gotz doll is one that is unsurpassed by any other brand. The quality is almost always superior and the craftsmanship is divine. As a young girl of six-years-old, I was delighted when my mother brought me my first toy doll, but I will never forget her disappointment at not being able to afford a Sasha. It became a lifetime ambition to own a Gotz creation, one that has since been fulfilled time and time again. But it wasn’t just our loyal client base that were desperate to own a Rosie, I myself have been eager to see a blue-eyed Gotz doll with flowing brunette locks. And I too share your excitement and enthusiasm at the possibility of owning this unique and wonderful limited edition toy. Welcome to the family Rosie.