Doll Diaries is an inspirational doll blogging website full of reviews, news, photos, giveaways and crafts for doll enthusiasts of all ages. Last week on Doll Diaries I read a fabulous craft tutorial posted by Karen Mom of Three about how to make doll sized red apples from polymer clay. The tutorial looked fun and the polymer clay looked non-messy and the results were good so I ordered a pack of polymer clay for my daughter and I to make Karen's doll sized red apples.

This is the pack we bought from an online store, Staedtler Fimo Soft Starter Set for £11.65:


I decided to use half the pack to make doll snacks and used yellow, green, red and brown. The other half the pack is saved for Halloween crafts: orange, purple, black, blue and white. I thought the colours worked quite well split this way. Each block is 25g in our set which is enough to make a few different doll snacks. There is also a plastic craft knife, a plastic mat and a little pot of varnish.

We made a bunch of bananas, 3 pears, 1 strawberry, 3 bars of chocolate, some fun vanilla and chocolate fudge, chocolate and mint fudge and of course Karen's red apples. Here's what we made:

See Karen's post for the full tutorial, lots of tips and advice. We baked our pieces for about 20 minutes in the oven, then let them cool. When cool we varnished them and left them to dry on baking paper. The varnish didn't stick the food to the paper at all which I was very surprised and pleased about. We made some little paper bags for our quarters of mint and chocolate fudge and vanilla and chocolate fudge. We made them out of baking paper.

We wrapped our chocolate bars in foil ready for an outer sleeve when we have designed one:

This clay was so easy and fun to use and we're pleased with the results. The varnish really makes the food look appetising and I'd recommend buying a polymer clay set with varnish like we did. We now have some new colourful doll snacks perfectly sized for the dolls!

Here are our girls having their snacks.

Thanks very much Karen and Doll Diaries for another fun and inspirational doll craft!