To make the Easter bonnet you will need:
2 sheets of A4 card (any colour)
1 side plate
1 roll of sticky tape
decoration for the hat
1) Draw around a side plate (ours measures 7" in diameter) and cut out
2)  Place sticky tape on the centre of the cut out circle; draw around (approximately 3" in diameter) and cut out so that you have a letter 'o'
3)  From the second piece of card cut out 2 strips of card slightly longer in diameter than the circle (ours are 8" each) and 2 ruler widths wide (about 3")
4)  Wrap each strip in turn around the ruler leaving the same card either side of the ruler, draw a line, remove the ruler and snip triangles out up to the line.  Do this for both strips of card.


 5)  Place the ruler on the strip of card with the triangles cut out and bend the flaps on one side up over the ruler.
6) Then bend the flaps on the opposite side under. Repeat for the other strip of card.


7)  Now stick the 2 strips together to make one long strip and curve into a circle with the flaps on the outside of the circle. Place the circle you made earlier onto the flaps, snip off any of the extra card you have and glue the flaps to the underside of the circle. Glue the strip into a circle.


8)  Now take the first piece of card and draw around the sticky tape, or circle of approximately 3" diameter for the top of the hat.


9)  Stick this onto the flaps that point into the centre of the circle to create the hat shape.
10)  Now decorate the hat.  We made ours first for St Patrick's Day, then turned it into an Easter bonnet by removing the shamrock.  You might also like to glue some ribbon to the hat to help it stay in place.


11)  Here's our St Patrick's hat adapted into an easy Easter bonnet.




12) You can make these to fit your dolls and yourself if you have a large piece of card which is what we did!