Paola Reina is a brand that supplies some of our most popular doll ranges: Las Amigas, Gorjuss by Santoro, Soy Tu, Las Reinas, Los Pikolines and now, "Los Paolitos". What we love about Fidel from Los Paolitos is his cute face. Fidel is a boy doll who has warmed our hearts with his sweet lopsided smile.

Is he mischievous, naughty, cheeky, a prankster or simply shy and pure? His smile's very clever because he can be just like any little boy with all of these characteristic expressions on his face. This is great in play where children want their little buddy to take on many roles as they express emotions and play out the story in their imagination.

Certainly the adaptability of his face to any kind of imaginative play is what appeals the most to us about this little boy doll.

Fidel Our Amiable Boy Doll

At only 21cm tall Los Paolitos Fidel is very manageable for small children to hold, carry around and pack in their luggage. He's sturdy enough to stand up, and made completely of vinyl, so you can wipe him down to clean him up!


We know Fidel will appeal to little boys and girls. Boys and girls should equally have access to dolls when they're little as their development needs are very similar and they can both benefit greatly from this form of play.

For example, dressing dolls develops dexterity in the hands and fingers and increases fine motor skills - valuable skills which help children to learn to do things for themselves. Young children love the independence of being able to  accomplish a task on their own. Dressing and undressing a doll improves their ability which in turn improves their confidence in other situations.

Playing with dolls in a group with other children isn't always a co-operative activity from the get-go, but where's the learning if there's no difficulty?

Indeed some of the most heated disagreements occur during pre-schoolers' imaginary play! What children learn through doll play though, through repeatedly experiencing frustrations, is how to self-regulate strong emotions. It teaches them to to take turns and to co-operate.

Children make sense of their world through play.

Los Paolitos Fidel and Schildkrot Wichtel Mona

We love Fidel as a playmate for young children but we've discovered that he's a perfect brother to another doll that adults buy: Schildkrot Wichtel doll Mona. Take a look!

Paola Reina Los Paolitos Fidel boy doll and Schildkrot Wichtel doll Mona

Can you see the sibling similarity? Who'd have thought it! Two different brands in total harmony all because of a cute smile.

If you'd like to buy Fidel is just £14.99 and is in stock at My Doll Best Friend.

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