We have some charming new dolls for you, from a new brand to us: Llorens. I happened upon them at the Nuremberg Toy Fair as I looked into the space where WeGirls was last year. Llorens is predominantly a baby doll brand, but on the centre table the dolls were a little more grown up. As I approached I took in their poses and characteristics; heads were tilted, arms raised and held at angles, cute clothing, knobbly little knees, thick luxurious hair, sparkling inset eyes with fibre eyelashes - by now I was in front of the table with a very wide smile. The doll lover in me was responding to them and butterfly feelings of excitement were rising!

Travelling abroad to the toy fairs it's always the hope to find something new and exciting that customers will love, and if I were a customer of My Doll Best Friend - I'd love these I thought!!!

Here's what I saw: