Llorens Dolls Produced In SpainWe first saw the Llorens dolls at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in early 2017 and we were bowled over by the beautiful faces and graceful poses of the 42cm articulated dolls. New to the market in 2017, only the prototypes were available to see at the show. The prototypes were magnificent and we placed our order without a moment's hesitation. It took a while for Llorens to oversee the first production but excitingly this week we received our first delivery! In it were brunette Angelina and redhead Sophie. The two remaining dolls Helene and Olga will be coming very soon. We just have to wait for the fabric for their clothing to be woven and sent to the Llorens factory. It's the made to order nature of the dolls and clothes that is one of the more eco-friendly aspects to Spanish doll manufacturing. There is no over-production, no waste and no reselling on any secondary market of less popular dolls. Certainly in Spain all dolls are made to order and you can be sure that our stock is very fresh. Helene and Olga will be coming very soon and we just can't wait!

Llorens Dolls Angelina and Sophie

Angelina and Sophie are absolutely gorgeous. Take a look at this film we've put together for you to get acquainted with their precious looks:

There's a special quality in their faces expressing contentment, happiness, peace and fullness. In their coats, we think they are outdoor, at one with nature. So, we photographed them against the backdrop of green leaves and the scent of roses.

Their faces are sweet and pretty and Sophie with red hair has a sprinkling of different sized freckles over her nose and across her cheeks. Both girls have side parted, rooted hair and wear little plaits either side of their faces to keep their hair away from their eyes. This also means that when they arrive their hair is styled beautifully without you needing to do anything. It's this sort of detail that makes the Llorens dolls such a treat from the minute they arrive.

Llorens Articulated Dolls Share Clothes & Shoes With Kidz 'n' Cats Dolls

Llorens dolls Angelina and Sophie are all vinyl. They can articulate their arms and legs and they can tilt and turn their heads. Consequently they are more expressive than dolls with more limited movement. These dolls have flown off the shelves and we're delighted to have heard from happy customers who have already received theirs. It turns out that these dolls, although more diminutive at 42cm can share Kidz 'n' Cat clothes and shoes! Kidz 'n' Cats are 46cm tall but they measure up quite similar in all ways apart from height. So, you might expect that a Kidz 'n' Cats dress would fit a little longer on a Llorens doll than on a Kidz 'n' Cats doll.