Dear Anna,

I'd really like to know you, I'm Lily of London. I just moved into the house where you stayed when you briefly lived in London, and I discovered these photos of you and your dog wedged behind the radiator in your bedroom - my bedroom now.

My mum said I could write to you and return your photos.


Anna in Paris doll by Gotz


Gotz Anna in Paris

She said it would be a lovely way to get to know someone and we might become pen pals. Here's my first letter to you and I'd love it if you'd write back!

I know you are French, and from Paris, so here's what I know how to say in French: Je m'appelle Lily, et j'ai dix ans. Je viens de Londres.

Did you used to walk your dog through Hyde Park? My Dalmation puppy James is 6 months old; he was the funny one in the litter with a mind of his own which is exactly why I picked him. He's energetic, outgoing, intelligent, playful, friendly and loves running in the park; though, believe me, he's not too fond of his dog coat and he's always trying to wriggle out of it. I  bet he thinks pink's not really his colour!

Alright, really I love shopping! My clothes look like Burberry but they're normal - just like me - and they're actually from New Look! Here are tonnes of photos of me *Lily* so you can see what I look like. They were all taken in about 10 minutes by my mum, and I've sent you every single one from different angles so you can see what I look like - I hope it's not too many! I've got sunglasses with me, and a warm hat because it's autumn but truly I should have an umbrella too because that's what you need in London!

I talk a lot and my friends' parents say I'm quirky and that they love me. I have two older sisters and I'm number 3! We look alike, with our grey eyes and freckles, but each of us is unique, though we all share a raised eyebrow, which apparently shoots higher when people say unkind things.

My mum says it reflects well on us when we see the real person and not only the faults, because there's charm in all of us. She loves me, so I think that's what made the photos turn out well. Tell me about you and what your school is like in Paris. Do you have any brothers or sisters? What's the best thing about this time of year in Paris? I love to search out the biggest conkers in the park, kicking the leaves around with my blue boots so they can't hide.

Please write back soon.

Lily of London x

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