The My Doll Best Friend Savings Scheme

Layaway, or the My Doll Best Friend Doll savings scheme - is a new flexible way of saving up for a beautiful doll that would normally otherwise exceed your budget.

We are happy to run this savings scheme for the purchase of dolls where the onus is really on the customer to be reliable and really save for the doll. Our part is that we will keep the doll for a maximum of 4 months providing you are making regular 'payments'. All layaways complete on 1st December each year, no matter when it was started. We do not carry over layaways until the next year.


What you have to do, and how it works:

Our video is 1 minute long and shows you just how quick and easy it is to buy yourself a gift voucher, which will be your first payment on the My Doll Best Friend layaway plan. 


We've also included a bullet point version below, with a bit more information.



  • First use the Enquiry Form on the page of the doll that you would like to save for to email us to tell us that you would like to save for a specific named doll.
  • We recommend you open an Account on the My Doll Best Friend website for this to work best.
  • We require an initial deposit of 25% (more is acceptable). 
  • Each month, we would like you to make your next Gift Voucher purchase of 25% (more is again acceptable).
  • In the fourth month (or sooner, if you have purchased enough gift vouchers to buy the doll) please email us to let us know you are ready to settle up and receive your doll.
  • We will then put your doll into stock on the website as "RESERVERD FOR X". (We do this to prevent another customer from purchasing your doll).
  • Purchase your doll on the shop's website and pay using your accrued Gift Vouchers or gift card credit balance. "Use Gift Card Credit to Check Out" when you come to make the doll purchase. You can also use a credit/debit card or Paypal if money is still outstanding as well as your gift vouchers or gift card credit balance.
  • Please see About Gift Voucher Redemption for how to add the vouchers to your My Doll Best Friend account. It is best to redeem vouchers to your gift card credit balance as you go so that you can see the gift card credit balance building up as you save each month. 
  • Finally, when you have checked out with your "RESERVED FOR X" doll you will start to receive order status updates that confirm your order.


  1. The savings scheme uses Gift Vouchers to save up for your doll. For example, if the doll costs £199.99 to buy the first Gift Voucher you will need to purchase will be for £50.00. 
  2. For the example above, we ask that you to purchase another £50.00 (or 25% Gift Voucher) every month. In the final month, you email us to ask us to put your reserved doll into stock on the website for you to purchase and you pay the balance of £49.99 by credit/debit card or Paypal.
  3. The Gift Voucher monthly purchase would always be for at least £50 (or 25% of the price of the doll, whichever is greater).
  4. We accept a doll on layaway with minimum purchase price of £99.99. This will require 2 monthly payments.
  5. If you want to save for a doll of lesser value or another item you can still buy Gift Vouchers whenever you like and save up that way, but we will not be involved and it will not be part of the savings scheme. This scheme can be used for pre-ordered dolls where you just save up your own funds and where we are not involved.
  6. If you change your mind and no longer want to save for the doll you intended to save for please email us to tell us of your change of intention. 
  7. You can make overpayments, but not underpayments, and you cannot skip a month.
  8. This savings scheme will only be operated for the purchase of dolls, no other products.
  9. Two dolls at a time may be put aside on our savings plan.
  10. No interest is added for this savings scheme, and no penalty or other charges will apply.
  11. You will not lose or forfeit the value of your Gift Vouchers: they remain yours on your account to spend even if you change your intention, for a maximum of 12 months at which point the voucher will expire. Your gift vouchers are non-refundable, but can be used against another purchase.
  12. Refunds will not be given for the purchase of Gift Vouchers, except where the payment is within its initial cooling off period of the first 14 days, Terms & Conditions For Sale of Goods & Website Use.



If you don't understand something then please contact us.