These sweet little dolls first became available in Autumn 2017 and have proved particularly popular with our international customers. The Kruselings were displayed in a woodland forest, caught on branches to make the magical fairy versions look like they were flying: sweet! On the woodland floor the casually dressed Kruselings were busily playing. Some were climbing trees, others carrying wood, some helping each other climb over the fallen tree trunks, while others played hide and seek.


The perfection of the scene has the hallmark of artist Sonja Hartmann, the designer of these dolls. She has a fabulous imagination and never fails to make a story feel real. We are always captivated by the sprinkling of magic she brings to her dolls, even those without special powers!

A wooded forest is a natural setting for fairies (these Guardians of Dreams). Think of fairy grottos and fairy doors and you'll picture a woodland! Not only that, but what about fairy rings found on the floor of a forest?

While they are often seen as hazardous or dangerous places, they can sometimes be linked with good fortune. For the children they're enjoying the natural outdoors for their games.

What's great about the scene is that we can see the multitude of poses the little Kruselings bodies can make. They have 13 movable joints which make them very playful. The clothing of the casually dressed dolls is colourful whilst being tasteful, and lots of attention is given to the graphic prints, printed fabrics and variety and detail of other textiles.

Multi-jointed Kruselings dolls

Talking to Sonja, there will be more casually dressed Kruselings in 2018 and she'd also very much like for there to be some separate outfits to buy too. At least pyjamas and a beach set; but she'd love the green princess dress set to be available to buy separately, too!

It is fairly widely held within Europe that dolls only need the set of clothing them come wearing. I know, all the UK and US readers will not believe that anyone could think that, as we do love to buy extra clothes and accessories for our dolls! That is however very typical, and the European brands with the exception of Gotz, sometimes make the clothes the dolls wear available separately but do not design dolls clothes specifically for changes of clothes for the doll, in play. Sonja of course made clothes separate for Kidz 'n' Cats and is trying to urge Kathe Kruse to make separate outfits for customers to buy. Apparently, if she does not get her wish in 2018 then in 2019 there definitely will be clothes for the Kruselings!

The new dolls and clothing you see in the film (for anyone familiar with the brand to date) are all prototypes.

These are Sonja's designs as prototypes and there will be adjustments to them by the time they are for sale, which is expected to be in Autumn 2018. For more photos and to see the Kruselings film find the links in the post:  Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018: Doll Films & Photos  From The Spielwarenmesse.

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