Kruselings are a new brand of children's fashion dolls to enter the busy fashion doll market, so why could the Kruselings be worth buying, over and above Barbie or Lottie dolls, for their target age group of 4-7 year olds? Let's find out some things about them!

The new Kruselings brand is  a fashion doll collection of 11 dolls that at its core provides positive role models for children, and opens a child's imagination to a world of adventure. It combines education with play.

The story revolves around five female characters from England, France, USA, Hong Kong and Peru, who are chosen to become guardians of Dreamland. Although during the day Vera, Luna, Chloe, Joy and Sofia live normal lives, at night they wake up in Dreamland with powerful super-hero abilities, tasked to protect children from their nightmares.

The story is fantasy with fairies and super-heroes, but the message is very real: through the nightmare each doll character experiences they discover that it's their personal strengths that give them super-hero powers to fight their fears - and by extension, the powerful message our children receive is that their own innate strengths are what will enable them to do anything.

Can there be a more important message for children for confidence building than, you can do it?

The Film: Kruselings - The Guardians of The Dreams

Here's the trailer:


It will be very exciting for children to see how the Kruselings story comes to life on the big screen.

Each of the dolls is a character that has a "magic power" called upon to conquer their own fear. The story encourages children to make their own dreams come true and to believe in themselves.

As Kruselings, the girls discover friendship, togetherness and the power of teamwork.


Through a child's journey with the Kruselings they learn about the different cultures and countries that the characters come from. This is the setting, but it's the message of courage and perseverance over adversity that is the underlying theme.

Anything's possible!

So what's the link between doll artist Sonja Hartmann known for Kidz 'n'  Cats dolls, and Kathe Kruse?

Kruselings are the project of Hape, the parent company of Kathe Kruse - and more recently Kidz 'n' Cats. Hape - is concerned with the welfare and positive development of children, and invests significantly in international social corporate responsibility with the declared objective of leaving the world in a better place.

In purchasing Kidz 'n' Cats in early 2016, Hape gained artist Sonja Hartmann for their Kruselings project. The Kruselings brand was in its early stages with Donaji Ayala Herandez the concept designer working on ideas, when Sonja joined Hape - but with no dolls and indeed no author for the book. Sonja's skill as a doll sculptor, her commercial know-how, and her suggestion to talk to award-winning children's book author and fellow Berliner @BorisPfeiffer about writing the book, all made her invaluable in converting the Kruselings from concept to merchandise.

The Kruselings Dolls

The Kruselings dolls are 23 cm tall, relative to a proportion of a 7-year-old child, but with dolly length arms (which Sonja tells me are shorter than real arms) .

They in dolls house scale 1: 6, so if you own a Kidkraft dolls house the Kruselings may be the perfect sized dolls to move in!

Kruselings have 13 joints which makes them very mobile. The dolls can be free-standing.

Take a look:

The faces are natural, detailed and hand painted.  Their eyes are made of acrylic glass. Their hair is very high quality Kanekalon which is sewn directly into the doll's head. There are 4 skin tones, two different head moulds and several eye and hair colours.

In the collection there are 11 dolls, and 6 of this number can be purchased as casually clothed dolls, and a further 5 dolls can be purchased in a Deluxe Set with extra outfit and full fairy wings and other accessories. There's lots more about the individual dolls you can buy on the product pages, so we will leave you to go over there to look at the sets.

So why might you purchase the Kruselings rather than Lottie or Barbie?

This could be the topic of several blog posts, but to keep it sweet, Kruselings are fashion or fairy action dolls with child proportions, extra flexibility through 13 joints, quality features from their acrylic glass eyes to well thought through clothing suitable for children, such as the footwear which is cut back to allow them to easily be put on by little hands. The Kruselings have a central message that if we dig deep we'll find it's our inner qualities that will give us strength in life - and when we harness that, we can do anything!

Look out for the award winning book - Kruselings - Guardians Of  The Dreams - to be available in English, and the feature film...coming soon!

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Photos reproduced courtesy of Sonja Hartmann and Kathe Kruse GmbH.