Kruselings are a new brand of children's fashion dolls to enter the busy fashion doll market, so why could the Kruselings be worth buying, over and above Barbie or Lottie dolls, for their target age group of 4-7 year olds? Let's find out some things about them!

The new Kruselings brand is  a fashion doll collection of 11 dolls that at its core provides positive role models for children, and opens a child's imagination to a world of adventure. It combines education with play.

The story revolves around five female characters from England, France, USA, Hong Kong and Peru, who are chosen to become guardians of Dreamland. Although during the day Vera, Luna, Chloe, Joy and Sofia live normal lives, at night they wake up in Dreamland with powerful super-hero abilities, tasked to protect children from their nightmares.

The story is fantasy with fairies and super-heroes, but the message is very real: through the nightmare each doll character experiences they discover that it's their personal strengths that give them super-hero powers to fight their fears - and by extension, the powerful message our children receive is that their own innate strengths are what will enable them to do anything.

Can there be a more important message for children for confidence building than, you can do it?

The Film: Kruselings - The Guardians of The Dreams

Here's the trailer:


It will be very exciting for children to see how the Kruselings story comes to life on the big screen.

Each of the dolls is a character that has a "magic power" called upon to conquer their own fear. The story encourages children to make their own dreams come true and to believe in themselves.

As Kruselings, the girls discover friendship, togetherness and the power of teamwork.