Can I write to you in a non-English language? Can I create my order using a non-English alphabet?

We use the English language and Customer Service will only reply in English. Only write on the website pages and checkout page in the English language. Do not use any symbols!

The order will fail and we will not receive payment if you use a non-English alphabet.

All correspondence and shipping addresses must be typed in English, and in the English alphabet.

I cannot log in to My Account, what should I do?

What you need to do is make your browser 'forget' it knows the website. The old cookies are stopping you from logging in, adding items to your cart and moving from one page to the next - that sort of thing. 

You will need to 'clear your cache' and delete the cookies. After that open a new window and search for My Doll Best Friend. 

If it doesn't immediately work as it should then just allow 15 minutes to an hour and there should be no problem shopping on the site. It gives time for new cookies to be allowed on your device. Alternatively, access from a device where you haven't bookmarked the website/ or where the cache isn't storing out of date cookies.

I am trying to place an online order and I cannot proceed to checkout. What should I do?

If we don't have other errors reported of the type you refer to and are unable to replicate the problem you are experiencing, it is likely to be only at the user end. 

Some trouble shooting tips you can try are:

  • close the window down and open it up in a new browser
  • try a different browser, for example Chrome or Firefox...
  • reboot the computer
  • try to place the order on a different device

Google search gives information regarding specific error codes you can usually find out more detailed information, and often what needs to be done by typing the error code into Google.

If you wish to contact us with your concern, please include the following information:

1. What operating system are you using (windows, Apple, etc)
2. What version of operating system are you using (windows 10.0.1 for example)
3. What Internet Browser are you using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
4. What version is your internet Browser.
5.  Are you using a Laptop, Tablet or mobile device, if so which one.
6. What were you doing when the error occurred
7. Try rebooting your device, refreshing your browser, do you still get the same error.
8. What payment method are you trying.

Do you support the browser I am using on my device?

We support these browsers: PC (latest version available) - Chrome - Firefox - Edge - IE Mac (latest version available) - Chrome - Safari

Do you support the device I am using?

We support these devices: Mobile devices (latest software version available) - iPad 2 - iPhone 7 - Samsung S6 (phone) - Samsung S6 (tablet)

The doll I want to buy costs more than 150 EUR / 127 GBP and I want you to ship it to my country in the European Union - can I buy it?

It is not possible to buy it on the shop website. You will need to send us an email and we can create an order for you. This order will be without VAT, and you will pay VAT when the order reaches your country.

Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions

See prices with or without tax according to your location.